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Recent content by geo101

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    Inquiry Ali on StG

    There was a review on her. It wasn't pretty. Take it for what it's worth.
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    Review: Bay Spa - Lilly

    I'd like to give Lily a try but every time I call Coco is there
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    Review: Review: Sue

    You came in at 2 in the morning to write this nonsense? Thanks I'm sure we all learned a lot using your math?
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    Review: Review: Sue

    Sue is awesome. I can't believe you have the audacity to come in here and critiicize something you know nothing about.
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    Review: Review: Sue

    You can say that about any girl working in the hobby so what's your point?
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    Review: Victoria - Independant

    I've been following her ads. It appears that her service level and price varies considerably. I'd suggest to try negotiating what you want up front or bring the entire bank roll. She's a clever girl and negotiating the entire package might be challenging.
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    Review: DaDaDa Happy saved the Day

    Ty for the update.
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    Atlantic City Casino Action

    The bar at the main entrance is where a lot of girls hang out at Hard Rock. Personally I prefer Vegas where there is a lot more action and much better product.
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    Review: DaDaDa Happy saved the Day

    Haven't been there in a while. Did they change the rate structure?
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    Review: Lee's therapy - LUCKY Seven

    He made a valid point. Why you chose to stick your nose in is a mystery but you're free to spend your money the way you want but telling someone else that they're cheap and they should give it up is disrespectful and thoughtless. And YES you were being disrespectful make no doubt about it.
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    Review: DaDaDa Tina

    some guys are slow learners
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    Review: Pings Place - NaNa

    4 stars for bravery
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    Review: DaDaDa (v 2.0) -- Bebe

    There were two, Lakehurst and DDD now there are 0. Why law enforcement keeps attacking middle america is incredible.
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    Review: Independent - Cathy

    Hilarious read.
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    Review: DaDaDa (v 2.0) -- Bebe

    Seems like an ok spot if you are in the area. For me the only reason to make that journey was for the unique type of service. Thanks for the review. S