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    what i learned this week about the future , your not going to like it .

    Now, I dont know if this is across the board or just one place. Can't see that model working. Personally, I would rather do nothing that have all those complications. Better to wait and see when this will pass, if it ever does.
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    Review: Sophia from Reiki

    The girl is wearing a mask while taking it from behind?? That's fucked up... what is the point of the mask, condom or not.
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    Eight weeks since my last massage......

    I I wouldn't hold my breath. Murphy seems intent on locking this state down as long as he can.
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    SJ: Amanda

    You'd have to be a desperate muthaf#$@er.
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    just woke up from a dream

    You're a real "glass is half empty" kinda guy
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    Anyone contact their ATF?

    She gave you her bank account #....really?
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    Review: Anna BWTW

    You figured that out?
  8. M

    Money saved

    Was Yuki one of the non - responders?
  9. M

    Money saved

    Yeah, if you're still alive then.
  10. M


    Rubbing one off would be a lot safer.
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    No Indian Men

    And you then took her "used up pussy."
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    Caronavirus Starting to Impact Business

    You really believe that merely abstaining from those two activities will protect you....has common sense gone out the window?
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    No Indian Men

    Indians tend to be hagglers in most areas. Always trying to get the price down.
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    Review: Asian Lassies - Cherry

    Amazing that with the current conditions there are still fools going to these places....and that they are still operating.
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    Review: Anna BWTW

    I believe so. All the latest reviews of her appearance describe the "old" Anna to a T. You could always get it straight from the horse's mouth by calling....but they may be closed by now.