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    Review: Amy/Wendy 4 Hands/ Threesome

    Of course you remember, Shooter....I believe you. Now, let's work on getting those shoes tied.
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    Review: BCT Coco

    You can always ask Coco to go easier on you too, as I have.
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    The problem is you don't know where that mouth and tongue has been.
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    Review: Review Therapy Wholistic

    Thank you -
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    Review: Review Therapy Wholistic

    You mentioned Anna with the others. Is this the same Anna that left a few years ago? She was tall, good body but with a very small top, with a very pretty face.
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    the new normal

    I can remember paying .4 house fee and .4 tip for basic massage/hj back in 1989. I dont think paying .2 more for either now is out of line, providing the service was good. When you look at how the cost of most things have skyrocketed since then. this hobby is still a relative bargain....within...
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    May or Mae at Spa 202/206

    Really the only way to know if a girl is going to be your type or not is to try tbem out. You can live vicariously through other's experiences and opinions only so far. Instead of TOFTT, think of it as a TOFY. (Taking one for yourself).
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    Anna from sunny beauty edison

    He's changing the titles of songs now to suit his tawdry fantasies. There he goes again. Now he's altering song titles to suit his tawdry fantasies....he's shameless.
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    Review: DDD - Tina

    You're worried about her bbbjing everyone....what about all the asses shes had her tongue in??
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    Review: TW- Mimi

    A minor one there is Korean, all Chinese.
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    Review: 202/206 Vivian

    It's not a problem until there is a problem.
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    Review: Bct

    Your "dick is perfect"? How wonderful for you.
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    Review: Manville Spa - Nicole

    It's fairly close to the Manville Walmart...about 1/4 mile down the road heading towards Hillsborough.
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    Review: Good day - Apple

    Eraser sized mole on eyebrow, no ass and teeth dark as night".....I hate when that happens.
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    Your concern over the residential area is a valid one since this location has had issues in the recent past. Knowing the town of Manville, I was a little surprised to see it reopen and to be offering the level of service they apparently are. This is one of those places where it helps to know...