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Recent content by Raceman6970

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    Review: 47 acupressure CoCo

    Title: Review: 47 acupressure CoCo Date: Mar 22, 2021 Phone: 856-881-3100 City: Deptford State: NJ Location: Small strip mall Age Estimate: 45 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Petite with small pouch Private Details: Arrived and Coco met me at the door very cute OK English...
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    Review: Sophia's Place

    Can someone PM me the address. Thanks in advance
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    Review: Review: CJ Therapy - COCO

    Title: Review: Review: CJ Therapy - COCO Date: Dec 28, 2020 Phone: (856) 831-3632 City: Pennsville State: NJ Location: Main Road Age Estimate: 40 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Short average looking Private Details: Walked in & mamma Shi Shi takes temp & hand sanitizer. Walks...
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    Review: Red Sun Spa

    Title: Review: Red Sun Spa Date: Dec 22, 2020 Location: Miller Road Phone: 302-897-8455 City: Wilmington State: DE Age Estimate: 40 plus Physical Description: Very average Private Details: Out Christmas shopping decided to take a break and stop in at red sun no call. Met at door by Eur...
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    Kora @ EPM

    Can you PM me the details, thx
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    Review: Naomi - milking table

    Can you PM contact info, thx
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    Review: 465/CoCo

    Title: Review: 465/CoCo Date: Oct 1, 2020 Phone: 856-956-3588 City: Sewell State: NJ Location: By WaWa Age Estimate: 45 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Thick Private Details: Coco answered the door & took me to the room Asked if I wanted to shower said yes and off to the...
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    Review: Good Morning Tina

    Can you PM contact info. thx
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    Review: May....CJs

    Can you PM me the damage to, thanks.
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    Review: 47 Acupressure

    Title: Review: 47 Acupressure Date: Sep 3, 2020 Phone: City: Westville State: NJ Location: Strip mall on Delsie Drive route 47 Age Estimate: Strip mall on Delsie Drive route 47 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Thin nice body. Private Details: Call ahead and ask for MiMi And...
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    Review: True Balance Amanda

    Yes to devilfan69
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    Review: True Balance Amanda

    Title: Review: True Balance Amanda Date: Aug 3, 2020 Phone: 609-558-6659 City: Mt Laurel State: NJ Location: Off rt. 73 Age Estimate: 40 or so Nationality: Thai Physical Description: Short Decent body Private Details: Called and asked if Amanda was working they said yes come on over...
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    Review: Source of health

    Title: Review: Source of health Date: Jul 29, 2020 Location: Naamans & Marsh Road strip mall Phone: 302-529-8833 City: Wilmington State: De Age Estimate: Late 30’s Ethnic background: Korean Physical Description: Cutie, short Private Details: Stopped in meet at door by Candy. Ask for 1...
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    Review: Mt Laurel Asians

    Nice review ware do they advertise, thanks.
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    Review: 47 Therapy MiMi

    Title: Review: 47 Therapy MiMi Date: Jul 2, 2020 Phone: City: Westville State: NJ Location: Strip Mall Age Estimate: 35 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Thin, C store bought, cute Private Details: Walked in no call & MiMi took temp. & walked me to room. Asked for shower & off...