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Recent content by themandalorian99

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    Review: Lana Latina Gilf

    She returns my messages and calls at odd times. I’m on a tight schedule. Is that you experience with her?
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    Review: Meet the Spa

    You are welcome. This is the way.
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    Review: Meet the Spa

    It’s actually 917 651 7890. 246 grand st.
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    Review: Kali (Gilf)

    Nice. Any massage skills though?
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    Why is the Bronx left out?

    Same thing in upper manhattan, Washington heights. Back in day it was full of parlors and indies. What the hell happened. It can’t be fiveo presence (for damn sho).
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    Any intel?

    Figured. However, just wondering if it’s worth trying out since it’s literally in the same street I work at.
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    Any intel? Hello gentlemen. Any intel? 119 east 96th st. can’t seem to find any actual reviews.
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    Anyone had Funny or Outrageous Appointments???

    Certainly had some awkward encounters that now seem funny. But terrifying at the time. Most recently, an indie in New Mexico that was so high on what I could assume was xanax or opioids essentially passing out on me mid session. I’m a trained EMT (but was not carrying my narcan at the time)...
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    Review: UES amp

    Not worth it. Thanks man. Just another UES extremely expensive disappointment.
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    Review: 246 Grand CT

    Welcome to the Joyce train
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    Hello gentlemen. Anybody been to sunny beauty spa on first and 88 recently? Phone: 212 831 2676. I pass through there frequently and I see several reviews of this place on both rubmaps and here. Nothing recent though. A friend of mine last time got standard legit service. What is your...
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    Any good places that do women or couples?

    So Joyce and Anna from 246 Grand/EBS see girls on the regular. Of course it’s not Exactly a high end place but reasonable. Also, had a great experience with Cindy from midtown angels. Cindy is strict limited menu but a very nice girl and great massage skills.
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    Review: Pavirin Thai Spa

    Hahaha! Sure sounds like it. LOL
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    Review: 246 Grand-Lily

    Hit or miss with these girls. I stick with Joyce.
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    Review: Joyce-246 Grand Street

    Saw her this week as well. Looking for Lilly, but Joyce was available. Always good service.