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    Review: Hand Healing - Nicole

    Title: Review: Hand Healing - Nicole Date: Aug 16, 2021 Phone: there's this thing called Google... City: Maple Glen State: PA Location: there's this thing called Google... Age Estimate: 30's Nationality: Korean Physical Description: petite, cute face Private Details: 2nd time seeing...
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    Masks still?

    Are places still requiring masks? Specifically wondering about HH in Maple Glen? Anyone been since the mandate was lifted?
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    Review: Hands Healing - Nicole

    Title: Review: Hands Healing - Nicole Date: May 6, 2021 Phone: Google it City: Maple Glen State: PA Location: Seriously, just Google it.... Age Estimate: 30's Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Cute, tiny, bubbly spinner. Private Details: 2nd time at Hand Healing, and the first...
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    Review: Hand Healing - Sky

    Title: Review: Hand Healing - Sky Date: Sep 1, 2020 Phone: 215-646-7947 City: Maple Glen State: PA Location: Google it Age Estimate: 30's Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Fit, but necessarily a thin fit Private Details: Took my first post-COVID venture out, and finally made an...
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    AZN - Jenny, Nana, or Annie?

    Gonna be in the area tomorrow. Seems like these are the 3 to pick from here. Someone sell me on which one to schedule.
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    Recommendations along 95 corridor...

    Have to be out at Staten Island during the day, and will be driving home down the NJ Turnpike to PA Turnpike. Any great recommendation along that corridor for a stop, preferably one with younger and spinneresque as opposed to older and whatever the opposite of spinneresque would be?
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    Y&Y Massage SPA in TR

    Any info on this place? I'm not from the area, and the ad on CityX says "grand opening" ( I don't see any reviews or info on it on this site, so maybe it actually is new? I'm out in the TR...
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    So, I have to travel out to Toms River frequently over the next couple of months, by way of NJ Turnpike to 195 East to Rt. 571 (& obviously back). I'm not really familiar with anything in that particular area or stretch of drive, so does anyone have a recommendations on where to occasionally...
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    Review: In-room AC Visit

    Title: Review: In-room AC Visit Date: Dec 4, 2019 Phone: 609-300-9039 City: Atlantic City State: New Jersey Location: Casino Age Estimate: Late-20's Nationality: Korean Physical Description: 5'-2", slender and tone, pretty face, perfect breasts Private Details: Perfect visit to end the...
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    Casino in-room visit vs AMP? Looking for advice......

    Hi, new to this board. I'm going to be in AC the week after Thanksgiving, and plan on having a little fun. I've done AMP's in AC before, but for whatever reason, I'm always a little anxious prior to the visit, because I have a look that I like, and I don't want to just have "next one up." Not...
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    Best current spots in AC mid-week?

    Gonna be down in AC in 4 weeks for a convention mid-week. What is the current best spot to hit up on a Wednesday night? I'll be staying at the Trop. Is there a key spot in the Trop? Should I hit up elsewhere? Am I better off just hitting up a AMP on Atlantic, and if so, what's the current better...