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  1. dudenuts

    Review: YMMV. Highs and lows with now AV Hime @ PP

    she has a short self video at the end of her av where i thought looked exactly like herself without the makeup and such. its great that she knows to stuff her tits in your face lol but at least u didnt get what i got. i saw her first day she showed up in flushing. she fell aslp for like 10 secs...
  2. dudenuts

    Review: thai spa - maya

    Title: Review: thai spa - maya Date: Jul 16, 2023 Phone: 929-204-2712 City: flushing State: ny Location: 150pl House Fee and Tip (if applicable) Age Estimate: 30's Nationality: Korean Physical Description: 5'4 long black hair. c cups Private Details: its been 3 years since i last...
  3. dudenuts

    Review: Japanese schoolgirl Mina -XOXO

    lets say a lot of us were banned and couldnt write one XP
  4. dudenuts


    i hear ya. i think i booked kylie when she first started for a 1030am appt. when i got there they was like u dont have an appointment i showed my phone that someone replied to me and said sure. it was one of the other mms manning their multiple phones and didnt pen me into the book. i was like...
  5. dudenuts

    Review: Akina: by a hair - XOXO

    i was shocked too when she told me to go slow and her entrance was tight. she was very different then she is in her videos. sorry she was such a tease to you man. im guessing thats why she moved from the store so fast.
  6. dudenuts

    Review: xoxo - akina

    Forgot their number (929) 501-6665
  7. dudenuts

    Review: xoxo - akina

    Title: Review: xoxo - akina Date: Jun 13, 2023 Phone: City: manhattan Location: port authority Age Estimate: 24 Nationality: Japanese Physical Description: looks exactly like her videos Private Details: so i had a L and was a little disappointed with khina. Wish i saw my other choices...
  8. dudenuts

    Review: PGS - Kiki

    Title: Review: PGS - Kiki Date: Dec 26, 2020 Phone: City: flushing State: ny Location: prince Age Estimate: 30's Nationality: Chinese Private Details: so finally made myself clear and was able to get kiki. im in the room and she comes in im like oh nice. she had heels on so made her taller but i...
  9. dudenuts

    Review: Zoey @ Pure Bliss Spa

    learn something new everyday
  10. dudenuts

    Review: Kiki - PGS/24HR Spa

    well it only happens once in a blue moon. like if theyre busy or something. i had a moment so ill just chalk it up to me being absent minded not mongering for 2 months
  11. dudenuts

    Review: Thai Spa - selina

    Title: Review: Thai Spa - selina Date: Dec 20, 2020 Phone: City: flushing State: ny Location: off northern Age Estimate: 30s Nationality: Chinese Private Details: so this is around the corner from their old location hong kong spa. mms msgd me their location a few weeks back even though...
  12. dudenuts

    Review: PGS - yoyo

    Title: Review: PGS - yoyo Date: Dec 20, 2020 Phone: City: flushing State: ny Location: prince Age Estimate: 30s Nationality: Chinese Private Details: havnt been out for like 2 months. personal reasons. forgot how to monger lol i had intended to see kiki but my dumbass didnt confirm and...
  13. dudenuts

    Review: Kiki - PGS/24HR Spa

    i txt i wanna see kiki at 1015pm told me to come up now she has an 1130. get there in 2 mins cuz i was at the parking lot. dude opens door ask if i have appointment i said i just called directs me to room and a girl comes in. my dumbass overlooked those 2 things didnt specify im here for kiki...
  14. dudenuts

    Review: Kiki - PGS/24HR Spa

    i either got jebaited or something went for kiki got a yoyo T_T i knew i messed up when i didnt speak clearly to the dude at the door sigh next time lol
  15. dudenuts

    Review: D&D Spa - Sophia

    before everything was shutdown i wanted to visit this place since i saw ads on cxg only saw the lights on twice during the summer every other time the gate was down. good to know they are actualy open now
  16. dudenuts

    Upscale NYC Asian indies

    if i really were to drop these high amounts i think i would rather spend it on momo, 2 hours with a ph girl, or maybe spend more with a pornstar (mainly savannah sixx lol shes coming back to nyc soon) but my first 2 options seems more bang for my buck :p but thats just how i feel i would spend...
  17. dudenuts

    Review: Judy at PGS

    @DinknflickaA so both new girls are busty? lol sorry i love boobs so of course it catches my attention =X
  18. dudenuts

    Review: Cloe Spinner on flushing main street

    lol apparently went over to pgs for a week or 2. couldnt handle the late hours came back
  19. dudenuts

    Review: Cloe Spinner on flushing main street

    pretty sure its cleo. she did a brief stint at pgs
  20. dudenuts

    Review: Hannah @ Spa24Hours

    lolol sounds just like lili lol didnt think asians backside could be anymore flat