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  1. bor3dmonk3y

    Burner Advice

    What's the reason you need a burner phone? Do you have a partner and you need to do this with complete discretion? I'm single, so I don't worry about these things. However I use google voice for hobbying and sugar babies. You can download and use the app each time when hobbying, then delete it...
  2. bor3dmonk3y


    Damnnnnn that was masterful
  3. bor3dmonk3y

    Review: Vicky @ PH - Epic Guys Night Out & REVERSE Line Up!

    That's it, from now on when I bump into guys in hallways i'm gonna yell "BRO, ARE YOU ON AMP REVIEWS?!"
  4. bor3dmonk3y

    Hello All

    Sometimes I wish I could have a few regulars. I'm drawn to novel experiences more than anything, which means I rarely repeat with a particular girl.
  5. bor3dmonk3y

    Heard a strange story

    This is the good shit I come here for. Honestly though this sort of quasi-security scares off most decent customers. I'd stay away from any spot that's even rumored to have this, no matter how good the service is.
  6. bor3dmonk3y

    Review: Vicky @ PH - Epic Guys Night Out & REVERSE Line Up!

    Best part for me was watching and applauding the guys come out one by one in just a towel heading to the shower led by a girl. It was like the amp version of the bachelor. Totally worth losing!
  7. bor3dmonk3y

    Review: satomi From WSD/ Pp

    I'd guess 80% of amp providers are 30+, maybe even 90%.
  8. bor3dmonk3y

    Review: GGR/PH - Tori (few months later)

    Sarah and Michelle down. Tori and Hannah to go.
  9. bor3dmonk3y

    Review: West Garden - Sandra

    Solid review. Welcome to the hobby. Now go try NYAW and PH-GGR.
  10. bor3dmonk3y

    Review: Oasis Spa—Lisa

    I see you've met my ex wife. I told her to stop doing that.
  11. bor3dmonk3y

    Non-US Retirement Options

    I've been to Bangkok in my pre-hobby days, so I don't know what it's really like. But I have feeling it's become overplayed and the women, whether they're providers or looking for foreign boyfriends, are just tiring and unpleasant. Vietnam, Philippines, and Malaysia seem better to me. You could...
  12. bor3dmonk3y

    Dominican girls scamming through cash app

    A lot of girls on SA ask for deposit just to make sure I'm for reals. I just tell them no but I can send them a Lyft to pick them up. That always weeds out the bottom dwellers.
  13. bor3dmonk3y

    Random Question

    I think it depends on where you live and your ethnic background. I'm Korean and I think up to half of my Asian buddies here in NYC have been to an AMP at least once. It helps that this is common in our motherland and there's a decent supply here.
  14. bor3dmonk3y

    Review: One Hour in Heaven With The Korean Princess, Tori

    I had to stop reading a couple paragraphs in. Haven't seen her yet, too many spoilers here! Very well written.
  15. bor3dmonk3y

    Review: Dani - GFE Asia (!!!)

    An entertaining and impressive review. I've only seen Dani the times she was MMS-ing for GFE Asia. Was curious about booking a time with her, never got around to it. Not surprised she's great like this, there's a calm, catering energy about her.
  16. bor3dmonk3y

    Review: Selene DONY

    Angles and hormones make a huge difference. She looked great to me up close.
  17. bor3dmonk3y

    Need help I am new at the scene and will like to advice and help

    The thread linked above by @manfrenjentsen is amazing. However, there can be too much info on this site and lead to analysis-paralysis. Honestly, I'd say pick an amp that gets a lot of reviews. Also, don't get too picky about looks or age, but focus on what people say about overall service.
  18. bor3dmonk3y

    Review: Selene DONY

    Title: Review: Selene DONY Date: Dec 1, 2020 Phone: (646) 657-7590‬ City: Manhattan State: NY Location: Midtown Age Estimate: Mid 20s Nationality: Latina Physical Description: Breeding material, slightly curvy but definitely not chubby, seems natural, nice handful C or Ds Private Details: I...
  19. bor3dmonk3y

    Review: DONY: Sophie

    DM me for deets.
  20. bor3dmonk3y

    Condom Brands/Type Recommendations (No more BBBJ's for me )

    Tried Okamoto 003L, noticeable difference from Skyn. Much obliged, fellas.