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    Review: Beware of scammer Nadiah Nikol

    Title: Review: Beware of scammer Nadiah Nikol Date: Dec 4, 2022 Phone: 903-441-7985 City: King of Prussia, Philadelphia, Houston, etc State: PA, TX, etc Location: Valley Forge Casino Hotel, Rittenhouse Square Age Estimate: 27 Nationality: Caucasian Physical Description: Average looks at...
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    Review: CP - Gloria - Good but not great

    Read the site rules before posting a question like this. Anyone giving you an answer could get banned.
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    Block Hot

    Neither, apparently, did the OP.
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    4 hand experiences

    The tip should be based upon the services provided and is unrelated to the amount of the house fee. There is plenty of info available that would give you an idea of what constitutes a reasonable tip and what you suggest isn't even in the ballpark.
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    4 hand experiences

    It depends on the level of services provided. Ignore the four hand fee. What would the customary tip be for the service you received if there was just one provider present? Once you have that, give it to each provider. If one did much more than the other, you can certainly tweak both amounts a...
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    Most trusted?

    Eros, Tryst and Slixa are three that a lot of indies use. Some ads specify duos are available. As always, do your homework. If a provider has an ad, look for credible reviews on the review sites such as TER. If an ad seems to good to be true, it probably is. If it lacks any meaningful info...
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    4 hand experiences

    You should tip each of them the full amount as if they were taking care of you solo. The only discount you get is off the house fee occasionally.
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    Any little woman

    She’s 4’11”, not 4’0”. She also has an ad on Slixa that says 4’11”. Eros makes it very hard for the ladies to change any error once they input the info.
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    Review: New talent New Century Day Spa

    Seriously though, yes, there is a rear entrance.
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    Review: New talent New Century Day Spa

    That’s between you and your provider.
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    Review: EROS - Kendall *stay away*

    NEVER patronize indies who lack multiple reviews on credible reviews sites unless you can independently verify them by word of mouth. While you may lose out on a few good opportunities, you dramatically decrease your chances of being ripped off. Also, if an ad sounds too good to be true, it...
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    Seeking Arrangments (& other Sugar Daddy sites)

    Not necessarily. I’m average height and weight, divorced, in my 50s, and have done very well on SA. While those characteristics may have eliminated some options for me, there were way more than I could choose from anyway. It’s way more important that you present yourself in a positive light...
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    Walk-ins insanity

    In that situation, if the person working can’t or won’t put a note on the door, they should ignore the doorbell. No way should they keep interrupting their time with you to grab the front door. Nor would I ever agree to let some walk-in buzzing the doorbell at the start of an appointment I...
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    Gettysburg area

    well said, sir.
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    XXX services: Has anyone tried this before?

    Around 21 years and totally UTR + at least one photo on the site of a porn actress (Riley Reid) means likely TGTBT in my eyes.
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    Younger providers >30yrs - Montco/Bucks

    In that age range, escorts are likely your best bet. Check sites such as Tryst or Eros for some options. You don’t have to opt for FS, but don’t expect a discount. If you prefer to stick with AMPs, your options are pretty much nonexistent from what I have seen in my travels.
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    Review: Pleasure Spa Plymouth Meeting

    jsilver, i recommend that you read the mod’s lengthy post about what can get you banned, particularly the first item 5. Would hate to see you put in the penalty box under their new crackdown.
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    Camryn - KOP

    If you’ve texted and gotten no response, isn’t that all the feedback you need?
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    Review: Blue Wave

    Thorough review. I’m surprised that you gave a yes recommendation in light of the experience you described. They are lucky you were grading on a curve today.
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    Review: EG - Anna

    LOL. My comment was sarcastic, not serious, and based upon the flood of reviews that appeared in June about this location, with which I am very familiar.