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    Review: 785, busty Yumi

    Thanks for the review, what’s the standard donation?
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    Review: Aida @Just Relax Spa

    Title: Review: Aida @Just Relax Spa Date: May 20, 2022 Phone: n/a City: Austin State: Texas Location: St. Elmo and 1st St. next to lucky food store Age Estimate: 30+ Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Short and tight body, average face, firm B's, no ass, ok body Private Details...
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    Review: Julie - NYAW

    From my experience, she warmed up considerably by the 2nd session - it was frankly amazing. But five?!!
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    Review: NYAW - Lia

    Oh well, I'd rather wait for a bit, this for me is crucial for any engagement unless i'm shit faced drunk heh. Thanks for the response!
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    Review: NYAW - Lia

    Was Lia okay with DFK? I haven't seen many girls into it in the post covid world.
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    NYAW - Temporarily closed

    Be safe y’all! Appreciate the efforts in the interest of safety. Best of luck!
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    Review: nyaw - Cherry , my new spinner obsesssssssion

    Nice review. The pics look super cute!
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    Review: Vera NYAW

    She ushered me out from a late night visit with another girl once, I did a double take as soon as I saw her - she's ultra tiny. I almost turned back wanting to check her out, but well wasn't on the cards that day... <TODOList> !
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    Review: Julie at NYAW

    So I visited her again last week and what can I say, it was a blast. Told her I was celebrating my birthday and she was game! Everything on the table: dfk, 69, fiv, cg, mish, doggo and all those other acronyms heh. Delicious, she’s a nice girl and gets more familiar and involved with each visit...
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    Review: Julie at NYAW

    Title: Review: Julie at NYAW Date: Feb 10, 2020 Phone: 9293821000 City: NYC State: NY Location: NYC Age Estimate: 27-30 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Beautiful girl, nice breasts and a decent figure. Private Details: This review has been due for a bit now. Went to see Julie a couple...
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    Review: NYAW - Julie

    She’s very pretty to be sure - nice breasts and an eminently fuckable face and vag. She was on top for quite a bit in my case and game for some hard pounding though. She definitely does not like to kiss, but well there’s a tried and tested stratagem which worked wry nicely with her - while we...
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    Review: Yana is a Zero! Sally is my hero!

    Heh, I had an ok session with her a few days ago - not awesome, not bad, but loved that ass though. Wondering if a review would be of any use at all at this point, now that she’s no longer there.
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    Review: Chloe NYAW

    Thanks for the review! Are the pics on the site accurate perhaps?
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    Best ass on an Asian provider thread (been a while since we did this)

    Yana@NYAW. Just had a really great session with her. RCG and doggie was a thing to experience. Will be posting a more details on the experience shortly.
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    Review: Tiffany - T&T Companionship

    Nice review, I can recall an equally incredible time a few years back when I saw her. She’s lovely.
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    Review: Yuri the Beauty @PH

    Looks like she’s no longer on the roster ... any info on when she’s back? Would like to explore and report
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    Review: Milana of AS/PP

    Thanks for the review, have been eyeing her for a few days and she looks like a great lay! PP had some awesome talent a while ago (about a year or so I think...) when I was exploring NY scene - Romi, Tiffany etc. but well never found another one comparable in a while.
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    Review: Della | GGR/PH

    Title: Review: Della | GGR/PH Date: Dec 23, 2019 Phone: 646-552-3769 City: New York City State: NY Location: Midtown West, near Herald Square Station Age Estimate: 25-30 as near as I could tell Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Pretty girl, good lines and body, naturally busty Private...