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    Review: Royal Spa @ Manville - Lisa

    Great memories of Jaye when she worked here. She was a real blast!
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    Review: Royal in Bradenton

    Title: Review: Royal in Bradenton Date: Oct 5, 2022 Phone: City: Bradenton State: FL Location: Strip mall off 14th Age Estimate: 30 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: MM Cs, thick, about 5’6” Private Details: Made an appointment Wednesday early afternoon and drew Tiffany. A...
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    Review: Asian Body Massage

    Title: Review: Asian Body Massage Date: Aug 31, 2022 Phone: City: Sarasota State: FL Location: Just off Clark Rd Age Estimate: 39 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Slim, C cup, pretty Private Details: I stopped by to see Mickey (like the mouse, as she says). I had been there a...
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    What helps you last longer?

    I’ve been on and off SSRIs for the last 20 years. I was never that quick but after going off Zoloft I noticed I was much quicker, and it sucked. I couldn’t last more than a minute. I recently went back to Lexipro and quickly noticed the delay was back. Now I’m hearing ‘you so strong’ a lot more...
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    Review: Blue Ocean - Dania Beach

    1.4 is a little low these days in Florida. They all ask for 2. But will usually settle around 1.6. Good report I’ll be there next week and I’m looking for a good FS place.
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    I’ve been to The Cheetah a handful of times during the day and never came across any smoking. The place isn't bad. I’m surprised it doesn’t get more reviews on these sites.
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    A New Day Wellness - Mimi vs Vivian who is your favorite?

    To me it comes down to who’s O-face you like better. Mimi goes harder with the PSE type performance and responds accordingly down below, working the kegels to perfection. Vivian is more refined in that dept but not by much. I think Mimi has a better ass but Vivian is better singing Piano Man on...
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    Past RMPs

    There was a good one in Dunellen about 10-12 years back. Had some pretty memorable times there with a gorgeous blonde Milf named Stella.
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    In and around Bridgewater

    If only there were some kinda board where people reviewed these places and people could come read and make their own decisions…
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    Review: Mimi at New Day

    Vivian always returns. I think she enjoys the work. And the money!
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    Review: Jasmine Meridian Care

    Well that’s officially the strangest question I’ve ever read on here. No offense.
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    Honestly it’s the only thing I miss about Jersey since I move to Sarasota. The highlight of my latest few visits was randomly bumping into one of my favorite old NJ providers but unfortunately she’d already adopted the poor service practices that are so common down here. Gotta stick to the big...
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    Review: Sarasota, FL - Moka Spa - Tiffany

    This is promising. Not sure where they found the room to install a table shower but I’m gonna take a look for myself. They usually get decent talent coming thru but rarely do they stay long enough to build a rapport with. Hopefully Tiffany sticks around a while.
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    Review: MM on Bee Ridge

    Title: Review: MM on Bee Ridge Date: Jun 22, 2022 Phone: City: Sarasota State: FL Location: North side of Bee Ridge Rd Age Estimate: 45+ Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Tall with a mole on her left chin Private Details: I was thinking it was about time I stopped in to see...
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    Review: Babette from CL

    I saw her once several years ago. She asked to see a business card before going much further. Nope. nice enough woman but I never returned.
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    Review: Olive Spa (Sarasota)

    Title: Review: Olive Spa (Sarasota) Date: Mar 9, 2022 Phone: City: Sarasota State: FL Location: 41 across from Goodwill Age Estimate: 55 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Stocky Private Details: Stopped by Olive the other day and drew Mary. A 50+ gal with a sorta block-shaped...
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    Review: HAGNJ - Mimi

    She certainly rocked the rooms at TW! I could always tell it was her in the room next to mine when I heard her getting worked up!
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    Review: Olive Spa - Sarasota

    Title: Review: Olive Spa - Sarasota Date: Feb 13, 2022 Phone: City: Sarasota State: FL Location: Tamiami Trail, stand alone building just south of University Pkwy Age Estimate: 42 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Larger than most, some meat on her bones Private Details...
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    Review: Ruby from Reiki!

    Very true. In fact you don’t even have to look all that far (in Rubys store) to find girls who have done it in the past. Doesn’t make them a bad person. It’s just about money after all.
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    Review: Ruby from Reiki!

    Lucky guy! Where’s that video? Ruby fans wanna know!