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    Review: LoveKPhilly - Jenny

    Same name but different girl I think- different photos and Nari not 5'6"
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    Review: VIP Eve, A Pareto Optimum

    Don't be dissing on the GOAT, Wilt, my brother.
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    Review: MG Cherry DD Supernaturals

    Think you got it backwards: Cherry DD is a long time veteran of the NYC scene and many of the MG girls (Yuri, Aria, Dana, Jamie and other KGirls) have toured to EPM from the NY base, making Lily the recipient of these providers rather than the source.
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    Review: EPM - Easter Bunny!

    She is not thick. Last time the photo from the back with a window in background was very representative. I highly recommend.
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    Review: MG Tina

    We mongers are notoriously bad at estimating ages if our Asian counterparts. I’m no exception but I believe an inside source ( former Korean mms) that she’s 37/38
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    Review: MG Tina

    Yuri closer to 40 than 30.
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    Review: Tadai For (WSD/PP)

    As predicted, your honor, a perfect introduction/transition into spinner land.
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    Review: Serena at Pleasure Palace

    Slim has been bringing it for a while. Could be a template for AR reviews.
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    Review: KG Gisella: Remember the Titans

    LMFAO. Pearls before swine? This little piggy gets it. Keep ‘em coming.
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    Chiefs or Eagles?

    True dat, Doc. Story came out that during preparation Chiefs offensive coordinator (Bienemy?) showed game film of Eagles not covering guys on jet sweep motion in the red zone and told the team “this will be open for us” and sure enough receivers strolled into the end zone twice in the second...
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    Review: New Star - Yoko 90min session

    Right, do the math: at 100$/half hour that would be 300 for 90 min. A bargain.
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    I Forgot to replenish blue pill

    Beware that all these off label concoctions are a crap shoot not only for effectiveness but dangers of side effects.
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    Review: New Star-Yoko

    She is Korean not Vietnamese.
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    Review: Epm Kacy

    Further upgrade coming soon in the form of NYC all star Yuri. Save your coin as she is easily top three all time at Lily’s shops including Bella days.
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    Hooked on a Feeling

    Wise comments above. Been there, done that so I know you have to be alert for these issues. Beware of anyone in debt or constantly playing the money card. She may not start asking for money but once a financial need raises it’s ugly head be careful and resist. A popular girl makes enough to to...
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    Review: GLORIA, CP, Another level

    Go with your 1% Try speaking Mandarin to her and see what happens. Thoroughly Korean inside and outside. In fact all the Indy and high end providers in the Delaware Valley ( and the East Coast practically) are Korean. Chinese gravitate to AMPs where they are plentiful in NYC. Scattered Thais...
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    Review: GLORIA, CP, Another level

    I know it doesn’t have anything to do with the session experience but for accuracy sake: Chinese? Really? You can’t find a more Korean provider.
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    EPM and Los Angeles

    Lily of EPM
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    Review: EPM- DASHing through the Snow

    I think natural. And nice!
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    Review: Classy Philly- Glorious Gloria

    Korea is the Mecca of plastic surgery. Had a Kgirl tell me “face, Korea, boobs, America” for the best work.