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    Review: Emma - Grace Spa PSE!

    Help the ignorant here :) TS = Table Shower? BLS= ?? Damage with/without trip to Santorini?
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    Review: Jade Spa

    Also, as far as COVID, they using something that smells like kerosene.... Couldn't get the smell out of my hands for days...
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    Review: Jade Spa

    Jade 45 Hot Girl Spa
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    Review: Jade Spa

    Title: Review: Jade Spa Date: Nov 1, 2020 Phone: 2123900733 City: New York State: New York Location: 45th between 5 and 6 Ave/ Tenth Floor Age Estimate: 35 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Regular body Private Details: I would not recommend anyone going to such a place. Many...
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    Review: Osaka 51 Koko

    What's the damage
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    Review: Luna Jade spa

    What's the damage?
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    Review: PH Sara

    Why would you want Deep French Kiss somwone who has been drinking everyone's fluids for years? Yak....
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    Review: PH Sara

    Whats the demage for 30 and for 60? I am you can disclose
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    Review: Lacey - Lear Talent

    Thanks for your far as Lear, I would never ask them a third time :)
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    Review: Victoria @ 45jade / hot girl spa

    What's the dwmage at 45Jade?
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    Review: Lacey - Lear Talent

    How can you get access to the review. Also Jay@Lear forsome reason did not provide a password to me even though I provided Info...any advice?
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    Review: Taylor James - Lear

    I'm not sure who might be currently at Lear ...I provided him the rest of the information though...
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    Review: Taylor James - Lear

    It seems I don't have access to that the info in case you don't want to make it public
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    Review: Taylor James - Lear

    How can you access Lear Talent....I woudl assessment test date depends on the provider however what's an average range?
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    So which of the russian milfs is best?

    As long as she is healthy and can do the remaining ones
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    Review: Alexandra - First Time Review

    Can you send the info for this location/provider?
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    Review: Brooklyn-Alexandra

    When was the last time you saw her.She doesn't seem to respond.
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    Review: Lora

    Anyone has seen Alexandra lately? She doesn't respond.
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    So which of the russian milfs is best?

    Anyone e seen Alex lately? Does she ask extra for Greek?
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    Review: Bella NYAW Spa

    Visited Bella a couple of weeks ago.She was the prettiest in the lineup, nice pettite body and willing to make you happy for 2.8.Will revisit her. Amazing massage.