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  1. Pac63

    New to the area

    I really wish people on Ohua would use this platform instead of the other sites. I’ve been trying to 2 months to get a log into USA…guide and none of the mods will activate my account. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Pac63

    Review: L & Lotus Spa (Harrisburg)

    Title: Review: L & Lotus Spa (Harrisburg) Date: Jul 22, 2022 Phone: 717-623-3591 City: Harrisburg State: Pa Location: North Mountain Road Age Estimate: 30ish Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: 5ft tall, tight firm body. Private Details: Had the day off and decided to make the...
  3. Pac63

    Review: Asian Massage Therapy - Luna

    Has anyone had any luck with the provided phone number? I’ve tried calling and it goes to the wrong business. Google has this as the number as well.
  4. Pac63

    Review: Mary Spa - Eva

    Eva is a sweetheart. She definitely has her limits but she’s always consistent. Recommend always calling ahead. She’s never let Me down when I’ve made an appointment!
  5. Pac63

    Private Access

    That maybe true but I’ve only had private access when I paid for it. Yes it nice but I rather save and use the money on the hobby.
  6. Pac63

    Private Access

    Yes my is a combination of access purchase credits and reviews.
  7. Pac63

    Private Access

    I have a similar issue and messaged an Admin staffer and got the following: “You have 306 days of review balance, so you should be able to access private details in reviews. The title is based on the number of reviews you have submitted i.e. Review Contributor I believe. We have no control over...
  8. Pac63

    Review: Ocean Day spa- Lemoyne

    I believe there is two providers here. Tojo the one I saw is Korean. Not sure if the other provider. I believe some of the other reviews say she is Chinese.
  9. Pac63

    Review: Ocean Day spa- Lemoyne

    Title: Review: Ocean Day spa- Lemoyne Date: Jan 22, 2022 Phone: 717-307-5732 City: Lemoyne State: Pa Location: Market street Age Estimate: 40’s Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Petite nice shape Private Details: Based on some reviews I decided to try ocean day. Went earlier...
  10. Pac63

    Review: Mary Spa (Magic Hands)

    Title: Review: Mary Spa (Magic Hands) Date: Jan 3, 2022 Phone: 717-737-3826 City: Camp Hill State: Pa Location: Gettysburg Rd, next to ball field Age Estimate: Mid 40’s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Petite, A cups, great smile Private Details: Was in the mood to try out a...
  11. Pac63

    Review: Golden Spa York - Coco

    The same thing happened back in Aug someone posted a very explicit review and the next day they were closed for about a month and reopen with a new provider. Not trying to infer the same thing happened just wanted to pass along my experience.
  12. Pac63

    Review: New Cindy, Amy

    Title: Review: New Cindy, Amy Date: Nov 2, 2021 Phone: 717 216 8649 City: Harrisburg State: Pa Location: Asian Mall Age Estimate: 35-40 ish Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Avg build, nice shape with B-C cups Private Details: This has been my go-to for the last few months and...
  13. Pac63

    Review: Lin Lin spa & feet

    Title: Review: Lin Lin spa & feet Date: Jun 4, 2021 Phone: 929-204-5797 City: Camp Hill State: Pa Location: Small strip mall Age Estimate: Looked mid 30 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Nice top B-C and fit bottom Private Details: Tried calling around to a few spots I’ve been...
  14. Pac63

    Review: New Healing Hands

    The last 3 times I’ve called Lisa she has been at the Mechanicsburg location. All 3 visits have been within the last 2 months.
  15. Pac63

    Big boobs Harrisburg area

    Can anyone provide some place where the provider has larger boobs. I’ve ready many reviews and it seems I may have to travel outside of the Harrisburg area but wanted to ask. Look for providers with C or larger! Anywhere from Lancaster to Harrisburg. Thank you in advance. PM messages are welcomed.
  16. Pac63

    Review: Lily Spa - Lisa

    Unfortunately I received the same this week as well.
  17. Pac63

    Review: New Healing Hands - Lisa

    Cravenmorehead, I should have listen to you. Talked myself into trying again hoping for a different ending. FYI seems Lisa is working at the Gettysburg location now. I’ve tried calling Lily twice now and she picks up same meet at other place. Worse of all I get there and it was bait n switch...
  18. Pac63

    Review: New Healing Hands - Lisa

    Title: Review: New Healing Hands - Lisa Date: Apr 26, 2021 Phone: Google City: Mechanicsburg State: PA Location: Google Age Estimate: 40 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Slim tight body Private Details: Got off work early so I decided to try out a new spot. Been reading some...
  19. Pac63

    Review: Mindys - Jesse

    Title: Review: Mindys - Jesse Date: Apr 19, 2021 Phone: 717-579-5880 City: Camp Hill State: PA Location: Market Street Age Estimate: Mid 40 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Slinder with big breast Private Details: Based on previews I decided to check out Mindys. Called ahead...
  20. Pac63

    Review: Foot reflexology spa (Fist timer)

    Title: Review: Foot reflexology spa (Fist timer) Date: Apr 5, 2021 Phone: 717-737-3826 City: Camp Hill State: PA Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: 40-50 Private Details: As the title states this was my first time so I apologies if my review is not up to standard. Been doing my...