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    Review: Camille - Indy

    Title: Review: Camille - Indy Date: Dec 8, 2023 Phone: 9178154175 City: Elmsford State: New York Location: In a decent hotel near White Plains House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 200 Nationality: Laos Age Estimate: 50s/60s Physical Description: Asian MILF bordering GILF, hard bolt-ons, big...
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    Be yourself spa in north white plains

    Nope, not even sure if they have a place to do a TS in but maybe for whatever reason I just wasn't offered it.
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    Review: Moon Blue Spa - Erica

    Title: Review: Moon Blue Spa - Erica Date: Oct 27, 2023 Phone: 929-551-3555 City: Carmel State: NY Location: In a shopping area, close to a movie theater House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60 + 140 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 20s/30s Physical Description: Petite build, small but...
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    Be yourself spa in north white plains

    I have a review of this place. They didn't have a name at the time but I guess they're calling it Be Yourself Spa now. It was a HJ only place when I went, not sure if they offer more now.
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    Review: Unnamed Spa in North White Plains

    Title: Review: Unnamed Spa in North White Plains Date: Jul 28, 2023 Phone: 914-879-4626 City: North White Plains State: New York Location: In an industrial looking area down the road House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 0.6 HF + 0.6 Tip Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: Late 30s Physical...
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    Review: Oasis Spa - Tina

    Title: Review: Oasis Spa - Tina Date: May 10, 2023 Phone: (914) 432-7934 City: Ossining State: New York Location: In an area with lots of stores with parking right in front. Age Estimate: 40s Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Fit Korean MILF, has great legs, with B cup titties...
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    Good afternoon NYC!! Feedback Requested

    Wow had no idea all these legendary reviewers were banned. No wonder the review section has been dry. Glad you're all back.
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    Was really hoping to go to a HE only place in a lowkey part of Westchester for just half an hour. I'm scared I'll get super unlucky but the chances must be super low. Wonder if I can bring my own sheets or something :ROFLMAO:
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    What's your fave Korean spot in Manhattan?

    I thought this was going to be a thread about Korean restaurants, I'll admit I'm a little disappointed lol
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    how to control myself.

    Sounds like you need some sort of therapy or addiction help, my friend. I personally set aside a budget and if I start getting close to the limit I set for the month, I cool it down and whip out ol' reliable righty. Spacing out your visits also helps so you're not blowing it all on the first...
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    Review: Roosevelt Ave Judy

    I guess it's random then? On the pinned thread it say's it may not necessarily be deleted, you just definitely won't get the private access credit. It's a shame though. I can see why they don't allow these types of reviews, but at the same time it would be nice to read them. Oh well
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    Review: Roosevelt Ave Judy

    They won't be deleted, they just won't be given credit for private access, so there's no point and posting one unless you just want to share your experience. Though an influx of those types of reviews would probably warrant a ban for good.
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    Sexy Asian Lady’s

    At the very least you could do some investigating of your own. I took the liberty to do the research and have the answer to your question, but I think this is the perfect opportunity to learn how to be resourceful.
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    Very Interested, Would like to give this a try

    It's funny that you mention this. I recently walked by 82-92 Roosevelt and Britton and saw so many ladies outside that I personally found very attractive (being a young in his 20s myself) and very much debated going back and seeing them. I find Asian Milfs super attractive so I'm definitely...
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    Very Interested, Would like to give this a try

    Why exactly should we avoid places like Roosevelt Ave if you don't mind me asking?
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    "First" obsession

    Teach me your ways
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    Because they come with an extra body part.
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    Anyone seen her?

    Sorry to hear you wasted your time and money, that sucks :/ Still I wonder if that means she's not real or if she was just being flaky that day
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    Anyone seen her?

    Hoping someone will TOFTT on this, very curious about Claudia
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    Mature Asian

    I'm interested too if you wouldn't mind PM'ing me. I promise not to make a post or review about it