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    Be smart and discreet

    not surprised I've laid there and listened to the Q & A. I've gad a couple ladies ask me to translate some texts from customers.....crazy what some will put in of the best....a customer made the same statement over and over for about 2 weeks..... "I want to eat...
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    Be smart and discreet

    I was in a Dover spa.. a middle aged guy walks in…says he wants to get. 60 minute massage … he then asks to use the bathroom. Exiting the bathroom … he stands outside of his massage room and asks his would be MT…. If they go EVERYTHING …. MT replies Swedish or deep tissue full body .. He...
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    Review: Great Spa

    what was the donation for the full menu ?
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    beauty spa

    anyone have an all access membership to RM? beauty spa is Seaford had a recent review...... just curious what was said. TIA
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    Review: healing hands see - yo yo

    Title: Review: healing hands see - yo yo Date: Jan 29, 2024 Phone: 540-891-7168 City: fredericksburg State: va Location: 10908 courthouse rd House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 70-120 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 30 Physical Description: cute , natural b-cups , hand full of butt...
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    Review: # 1 foot reflexology

    Title: Review: # 1 foot reflexology Date: Jan 25, 2024 Phone: 7026006935 City: Las vegas State: NV Location: 4825 w. Flamingo rd House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $65-$140 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 55 Physical Description: Not fully unattractive…. Thin—ish with some flabby parts...
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    Ocean city, MD up to Rehoboth??

    I've never had fs there....
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    Ocean city, MD up to Rehoboth??

    nothing in ocean city. Salisbury on the OC end of things...... on the Rehobeth end....Aroma spa in Lewes , and the place in Milton on route 1...cant remember the name. the DE beach area used to be pretty damn good yearrrrrssss ago.... but they are long gone now.
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    Review: Salisbury Spa 1501

    I gave Kimi a go..... I'll pass on another opportunity.
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    Review: Oriental Spa

    This is in Newark…. Not Dover
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    Review: Oriental Spa

    He has the wrong address …. There’s a place in Newark by the same name .
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    Review: Oriental Spa

    Casey is certainly not a “ big D” up top … That’s Lucy
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    Review: Lifhea / Eva

    Title: Review: Lifhea / Eva Date: Nov 5, 2023 Phone: 347-988-9299 City: Milton State: De Location: On Rt 1 House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 70-50 Age Estimate: 40 Physical Description: Round face , brown hair, thick with a bit of a tummy… b-cup Private Details: Gave this place another...
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    TA’s or ACS

    Has anyone tried the Asians located in Salisbury…. Not a spa… operating out of a hotel I assume
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    Can’t remember name of the place.

    The house in woodside is no longer an amp . Angel closed shop …. If that’s what you are talking about . muse the search feature in rub maps .
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    Review: MI MI ( GRIMACE FROM McDonalds) and the Crypt keepers mother.

    Title: Review: MI MI ( GRIMACE FROM McDonalds) and the Crypt keepers mother. Date: Oct 6, 2023 Phone: 804-319-6366 City: Glen Allen State: virginia Location: Mountain Rd House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $40-$15 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 50 Physical Description: FFFAATT.... not...
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    Review: Lucy's Health Accuptessure

    Is this place still open???? I've called a few times..... no answer. Thanks
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    BBW providers

    DAMN!!!! what is the price of admission for this chocolate roller coaster ???
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    Review: Lifhea Massage- Chloe

    Title: Review: Lifhea Massage- Chloe Date: Aug 29, 2023 Phone: 302-606-6688 City: Milton State: Delaware Location: On RT 1 south House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $70-$60 Ethnic background: Chinese Age Estimate: 58+ Physical Description: thin , Long died hair kept up, C cups? that looked...
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    Curious if any of the Lucy locations are up and running yet?