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    Review: Angelica

    I wanted to see her but she said she wasn't in Maspeth, and asked if I wanted a car date, I said no and explained maybe I would but I don't have tints, and she was like "yes you do liar, don't reach out to me anymore"
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    Review: Hannah @ Han Na Spa

    Everyone knows if you're first of the day you'll be fine. That's the rules
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    Review: Angelica

    This has happened to me before. Literally snoring on me. She's very hit or miss.
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    Review: Angelica top heavy white milf

    She's got a $60 bbj going rn
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    Lucy from z-one spa

    Keep hearing about this athletic guy, but I'm a fat guy and I'm short and I've gotten fatter over the years and she still gives me the same treatment, I had to cut her short as she was starting to text me throughout my day outside of days I'd go see her. She needs to stay in her lane
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    Man scaping service.

    I remember this one, wanted to visit but she came on here and was upset so I stayed away
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    Review: Sasa- Independent

    Was this discussed via text? Also does she see non Chinese?
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    Review: Sasa- Independent

    Additional fee for greek?
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    Review: Lucy at serenity spa Astoria

    No mention of a full menu?
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    Review: Eileen from FI

    I can't find the ad, can someone PM it to me?
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    Warning...kinda review

    Yeah, don't take the chance. Better safe than sorry in this hobby
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    Queens Village Trio

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    Review: Chinese-Russian Bobo

    Huge knockers on this one, service is decent and she doesn't rush. I wouldn't run back to see her but a good option to keep in rotation
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    We should stand by this brother as a community and not let anyone black mail him. Today it's him, tomorrow it's us
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    Review: Elmhurst Spa on Queens Blvd (Located above Dreamers Spa)

    Quality has never been good in this area. (outside of Lucy for me personally) good to hear this was a good time
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    Review: Anjelica prego provider

    She's been MIA for a little while, I will assume she gave birth
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    Review: Yellowstone Spa -Juila

    Lucy fucks everyone including me lol.
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    Review: FI Busty Milf

    Was she shaved?
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    Review: Coco - independent

    Whats the contact info?
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    Review: KekeDD

    I've seen her twice I think, massage and st is good but. She's HUGE, recommended if you like that kind of girl. Stay away if you don't imho