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  1. J

    Review: Avoid : RUSSIAN SPA

    LOL people still falling for this place?!
  2. J

    Review: Nuru massage Edison

    people are still falling for this place?!
  3. J

    Review: Dream Spa - Vivi

    My thoughts are we didn't even see the same girl. I'd see SOME similarities, but there was literally NOTHING similar
  4. J

    Review: Dream Spa - Vivi

    i posted a review on her... none of this review makes sense with the Vivi i saw
  5. J

    Review: Dream- Vivi

    Title: Review: Dream- Vivi Date: Jun 7, 2023 Phone: (732)875-8568 City: EB State: NJ Location: By the driving range Age Estimate: 30s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Cute face, typic Chinese body, skinny, natural B dark eraser nips, clean shave Private Details: So first off...
  6. J

    Review: Star at Greenvue

    How TF do reviews like this get approved
  7. J

    Review: Dream- Anya

    Title: Review: Dream- Anya Date: Jun 1, 2023 Phone: 732-875-8568 City: NB State: NJ Location: Near the fireworks Age Estimate: Late 20s? Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Skinny, mm C's, has more junk in the trunk than typical AMP girls. Pretty face Private Details: I've been a...
  8. J

    Review: Baby - Dream Soa

    what a crap review.
  9. J

    Review: Drea Spa - Baby

    when asking for review, we meant a review of the session, not her journey through life
  10. J

    Review: Cindy @ Shangrila

    Title: Review: Cindy @ Shangrila Date: Apr 19, 2023 Phone: 347-469-6868 City: Manhattan State: NY Location: 47th st Age Estimate: 26 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Pretty face, nice smile, MM c's, tight waist, flat bottom , long legs Private Details: I'm usually in the...
  11. J

    Downtown River North are for 2 days

    Hey! ill be in that are next week.... Can anyone recoemmend anything in that area within a couple miles, if any.
  12. J

    Review: Ana- Queen Spa

    My opinion.... There's a new champion in town
  13. J

    Review: Ana- Queen Spa

    Title: Review: Ana- Queen Spa Date: Jan 12, 2023 Phone: NA City: Edgewater State: NJ Location: hwy 5 Age Estimate: 27-30 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: short, b cups, hourglass Private Details: probably one if the best AMP experiences ever. table shower was great, kept it...
  14. J

    "2 blondes on ave J"
  15. J

    "2 blondes on ave J"

    bedpage brooklyn
  16. J

    "2 blondes on ave J"

    anyone have anything on this?
  17. J

    Russian MP on 34th+Madison

    All American was closer to Lexington
  18. J

    Russian MP on 34th+Madison

    Was a great spot on MAdison right off 34th st. i used to store their number and then my contacvts got wiped out and cant find them anywhere. If anyone knows who im talking about please PM me phone number?
  19. J

    Review: Latina Massage

    the botox may be in their 30s....
  20. J

    Review: Timetorelax

    biggest loss in NJ history