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    Review: Yuffie - Seoul Playmates

    Title: Review: Yuffie - Seoul Playmates Date: Jan 19, 2024 Phone: 408-469-5199 (recent change) City: Sunnyvale (also a recent change) State: CA Location: FedEx Office House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 280 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 40 Physical Description: f7b6 - gained a little...
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    Anyone tried LKS new talents?

    I've seen Ha Yun (fbsa 7888) and Mia (fbsa 7788). I thought Mia was a little thicker and I preferred Ha Yun's body shape more. Ha Yun looks nothing like her photos and has numerous tattoos. Both were willing DFKers and solid on S and A. Both have earned repeat visits on the rotation.
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    Review: Gia GFEI

    Title: Review: Gia GFEI Date: May 11, 2023 Phone: 650-393-9843 City: San Mateo State: CA Location: by Hoe Foods Age Estimate: 40 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: f6b6 - not my cup of tea I guess. Legs a little squattier than I like. A little rounder than I like. I didn't have a...
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    Not seeing details in the reviews...

    I know I was NOT out of days on my review balance, as I check my balance often. Did they do a reset of that system? or did they take away the "reviews earning balance" system? Or is it a California thing?
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    Going back to AMPs?

    For those of you who are K-AAMP guys, do you still go to a storefront AMP for a massage and HJ or even FS? It feels like I'm going backwards in service/value..
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    Classy Ladies of Chicago

    So I visited Chicago like 1.5 years ago and I visited one of the women from this org. It seems like these women tour around the US. Does anyone know which org in CA these girls will go through, if any? I'd love to see some of these girls out here...
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    Classy Ladies of Chicago

    So I visited Chicago like 1.5 years ago and I visited one of the women from CLC. It seems these ladies tour around the US. Does anyone know which orgs they're connected with in California? I'd love to see some of these girls out here. TIA. Also posted on USASG.
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    Review: Tyra - GFEI

    Title: Review: Tyra - GFEI Date: Nov 3, 2022 Phone: City: San Mateo State: CA Location: As someone else has coined it: near Hoe Foods Age Estimate: 30 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: f7b9s8a8 - Tall, slim/tight body, butt a little droopy but not bad, decent face, MM Ds...
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    TikTok eye candy

    Here's the other side of the argument: China is on okay terms with the US right now. If it ever goes bad, China cannot compete with the US in conventional warfare.. they will try to go after us technologically. Cyber warfare is the next battlefield, Russia notwithstanding. If China decides to...
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    Review: Gia @ GFEI

    Does anyone know who GFEI is linked up with in LA? I wanted to hook up with Tyra again before she left for LA again, but she cut her trip 2 days short. I'd love to find her in LA.
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    Peeing while in her shower

    A bit of tongue in cheek question, but it's all good. People will believe whatever they believe.
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    Peeing while in her shower

    So you're done with doing your business with your girl. The two of you go to the shower for her to clean you. You obviously need to pee at that point. Are you peeing while she's washing you? Like when she's washing your penis? Or do you wait until she's washing your back to pee? Or how about...
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    Butterfly roster

    Just a shot in the dark, but Sunflower is the famous one in SR. Did you try checking out RM?
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    Tyra vs Tera from GFEI

    Who’s the tall athletic one between Tyra and Tera from GFEI? I mix these two up.
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    Review: Ariana - SexyHouse

    Would you say she lived there full time? or do you think it was an AirBnb, which can also be furnished well? The reason I ask is if it was her place, then she could make a repeat appearance for some quick cash again. If she was visiting, then she might not be back at all.
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    too sexy for sexyhouse?

    But how is the service from a c-girl compared to the service from a k-girl? I know YMMV for anybody, but in general, I've always thought C<K.
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    San Juan Puerto Rico tips

    Are they under water right now?
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    Review: Kira - SBT

    haha, yeah, not sure what I was thinking there. It's in San Mateo, near hwy 101/hwy 92 area.
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    Review: Kira - SBT

    Title: Review: Kira - SBT Date: Sep 20, 2022 Phone: 408-899-1828 City: San Mateo State: CA Location: Near SJC airport Age Estimate: late 20s to early 30s Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Probably 5'2 110 lbs, cutesy GND look. Probably won't stand out in a crowd, but cute enough...
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    Reno girls

    I'm in Reno now and I've been looking on PD and there's nothing I want. Either too big, or too expensive. As for AMPs, I've had good service before here, but not compared to an AAMP though.