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    Review: Young Kelly from LIC Spa

    Don't think I know corner spa.
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    Review: lushing Granny with the saggies - okay for the price.

    For real... Then you get upset at the provider for making sure you pay for the service you want to take? This ain't it fam.
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    Review: Happy Ending with Julia

    For real.... Lu Xun, is that her base tipping price or did you just generously tip?
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    Review: Don't bother

    What was the damage for your TOFFT friend?
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    Providers you miss?

    As someone else said earlier, Lily from Lily spa off of Northern was a gem among gems. You were her only client, she never answered the phone or watched the clock while you were there, and her milk baths where unique. The only provider that instantly got me aroused as soon as she answered the...
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    Providers you miss?

    Did she work at the spa in LIC off of Northern by chance? There was a hot little number there named Apple with some huge supple looking milkers, and I was all set to let her massage me when they pulled the okie doke and said she had an appointment that just showed up and switched her out. I...
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    Review: Hannah @ Han Na Spa

    She's very enthusiastic. To me that's her selling point. But I was turned off when I noticed no shower in the facilities. And now knowing that she regularly goes raw, and gets nutted in... With no where to clean out properly? Nah, I'm good on Hana. Sweet girl, good service for the price, but...
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    Review: Hannah @ Han Na Spa

    Definitely sarcasm.
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    Court Square

    Yeah that was around my early days as well. Twas a simpler time lol. But yeah after awhile the young talent left and there were some older providers... Although I remember having a good time with them as well.
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    Review: Lucky Foot Spa - Jenny

    Title: Review: Lucky Foot Spa - Jenny Date: Nov 20, 2023 Phone: 929-391-6858 City: Bayside State: NY Location: Bell Blvd. House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .45+.4 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 30+ Physical Description: Shoulder length black hair, coke bottle glasses, nerdy look...
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    Any Info - Brazilian Mari/Sabrina

    Mari was a treat. Glad I had the few sessions I did when she was active, especially if her radio silence is a harbinger of her disappearing from the scene....
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    Court Square

    Anybody remember 1 Angel Spa on I think it was Hunter St? Some good HE service back in the day, moderately priced with actual young talent.
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    Review: Mizo Spa - Mina

    Years ago by now.
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    Review: Coco Independent

    Good review, good prices. I guess the volume of traffic allows her to keep the prices down? Btw, does anyone know her hours?
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    Review: Lucky Foot Spa - Cherry

    Title: Review: Lucky Foot Spa - Cherry Date: Sep 18, 2023 Phone: 929-391-6858 City: Bayside State: NY Location: Bell Blvd. House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .35+.6 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 55 Physical Description: 5'4ish average weight B cup(maybe small C), older but pleasant...
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    Review: Nancy at Zen Relax

    Title: Review: Nancy at Zen Relax Date: Mar 16, 2023 Phone: In review City: Greenpoint State: NY Location: By the pulaski bridge Age Estimate: 45-50 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Average for her age Private Details: So I hadn't been to Zen in a very long while, and figured...
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    Review: Rose Indy

    Good review. Where'd you find this one... Online or thru other means? Sorry to hear that your experiences have lacked thus far. Maybe it's not for you.
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    I work at an Asian Spa (Ask me anything)

    How's that work? Like, where do you sleep, shower etc? Are you stealing a shower in between us horny customers lol
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    Review: Kawayi Spa - Lin

    Lol, post nut clarity at it's finest. Great review.
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    Review: Mari LIC

    For your hour you should've been able to get the MSOG option with her. If not, yeah a half is all you need