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  1. J

    Review: SKS Mochi

    Seen Mochi on her second day,She's a Blond hair cutie,about 5'4"with a few tats and is fairly stacked in the right places.She knows how to please you.. will repeat...
  2. J

    Sexyhouse lineup

  3. J

    Serious Inquiry—Hair

    when the little Hunnie's get comfortable with you the complaints on you start to surface like your Mustache is irritating them or your bush is too long, I try to accommodate them but sometimes my SO says why are you cutting your body hair and I have to give her some BS .One time I nicked myself...
  4. J

    Anybody using a burner phone...any suggestions on which might be the best to get...

    I've had T-mobile and switched to Tracfone for about 8yrs now,started with the 1yr plan and now pay 19.95 every 3mos.,they use different major carriers depending on the location. reception can be bad at times and the flip phone isn't good at receiving picture descriptions as the screen is small.
  5. J

    Top Spinners / Small Girls

    I haven't seen her recently and just found out ,she's returned Home to today gone tomorrow,will miss her!!!
  6. J

    Top Spinners / Small Girls

  7. J

    Need recommendations for small girl, small tits

    Most of the RA's that had natural sm tittie's say the change is for us guys because we like Large. Apple was so lovely with naturals ,but she's happier now ,so all I could say to her with new tat tat's is that they look good on her ......
  8. J

    Review: SKS Joah

    I think all the top tier one's are booked almost every day by regulars and whales ,so you have to be lucky to receive a spot now......JMO!
  9. J

    They want my picture to verify my ID

    They want my picture to verify my ID If you want to chat about a different topic start your own FORUM THAT'S THE TOPIC HERE !
  10. J

    Who is the best DFK Queen in Bay Area

    Isabella @ seoulplaymates. is second to none !
  11. J

    They want my picture to verify my ID

    I never named the Orgs. but now since their name is out ,it was LSC and AA ,too bad for LSC, as after the pandemic I've done dozens of repeat I'm venturing out to many others.....
  12. J

    They want my picture to verify my ID

    Guys: lets get back to the subject: if you want to chat about other things start your own forum subject. thank you! They want my picture to verify my ID
  13. J

    They want my picture to verify my ID

    I think the general consensus here in a No from those whom have voice their opinions here, so we should stick together when were asked to send the ID's and or Picture selfie.... two references from other Orgs. should be enough for approval.....
  14. J

    SKS - Best Provider in the South Bay?

    I'm still in the Hunt, you can DM or chk my reviews on the other site. Here's 3 popular ones known for good Looks, and I've seen them : Ceroni,Cora,and Jazmin.
  15. J

    SKS - Best Provider in the South Bay?

    SKS was one of my Favorite Orgs. to go to. If their your 9- 10's stay with them ,I was just giving my OP on your ratings FBSA. on their reviews that they have out there,like on TER, no one scores four 10's and barely 9's . if you conpare them to RA's in the past. many would say these RA's would...
  16. J

    SKS - Best Provider in the South Bay?

    Hey Bro, give me some of the that stuff your on,at best the top ones barely make an 8 avg. in look and less in A/S , you must be the rich one buying the whole days or weeks for Joah as I stopped seeing her as appt. were so hard to get with all the hype....yomi is rated higher and her A/S was a...
  17. J

    They want my picture to verify my ID

    Guys, good dialogue everyone especially Bonerhope ,you now have made me more paranoid about your on candid camera and the gps from the spouse plus the LE outside that are going ask for your ID,Think i'll have to quit this Hobby,LOL J/K
  18. J

    They want my picture to verify my ID

    What Irks me the most is before the pandemic and after Ive been a loyal monger for many years with them. They know that as I gave them info only a regular would have knowledge of,only to be told ,don't push your luck , we can BL you......
  19. J

    They want my picture to verify my ID

    That's why I haven't sent a selfie. I'm wondering if it's a different PO from before as Ive used this Orgs way before the pandemic when they were in SM and had a different Name....
  20. J

    Reinstatement List

    Topjimmy ! Thank you for bring me back !