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    Review: Johas: Alessandra and the weird Jewish guy complaining about the $price

    What time do they open? Says on google 8am but that seems unlikely.
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    Standard tip $100

    One interesting thing I find here is that people seem to have no idea how old these Asians are. I have already made this comment a couple of times so I try not to bring it up. I wish I was like them and thought I was with someone who is late 20's or early 30s when in reality its a 50+ year old...
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    Standard tip $100

    I'm not really looking for tip to go down, just the age of the providers. Are the newcomers in their 20's or are they in their 40-50s+?
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    Be careful - I may have gotten covid at an amp

    I just find it funny that this guy posted a thread warning people about get COVID while they are "seeing" girls who are "seeing" 10 guys a day. I don't partake in COVID debates any more and I don't discuss COVID with people who are afraid of COVID.
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    Be careful - I may have gotten covid at an amp

    You think anyone is really worried about getting covid at one of these places?
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    Review: Lulu - 86th

    These places open 10am typically?
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    Review: Anahi - Caliente

    Looks to be up to me.
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    Review: Anahi - Caliente

    Id like to be a custy but I need 9am appointments and those latinas dont like to wake up that early. Shame, twitter feed is looking hot these days.
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    Review: Goddess Spa - Ruby

    You pay extra for that or standard?
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    Review: BSC - Kamila

    I am pretty sure I saw her at Reiki-U in Edison. She seemed to reduce her service level there because they are a less expensive place. As much as I was attracted to her, I felt annoyed by the reduced level of service so I decided not to repeat. But if the service is better, I would see her again.
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    Review: Spa 202-206 New Girl Jenny

    Thanks, how is her english?
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    Review: BWW Hazel

    She speak good english?
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    Review: Spa 202-206 New Girl Jenny

    My problem is that I am not as attracted to Asians but they are the ones that are the most convenient (open 9am) and provide the best service. I have only been really attracted to two Asian providers. Its not so bad for most of the session but PNC really hits me hard if I dont find the provider...
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    Review: Spa 202-206 New Girl Jenny

    Which spot has younger/better looking girls?
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    Review: Spa 202-206 New Girl Jenny

    Are pictures here of the actual girls?
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    Review: BSC - Maggie

    Is there an actual bed in the room? Just noticed that in the pictures.
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    Review: Caribbean Spa New York - Kiara

    Why do you guys go to this place and that organic spa?
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    Review: BSC - Maggie

    Is that 1 hr fee or is it a 40 minutes like some other LPMs I recognize a couple of pictures on their page from elsewhere. I wonder if the higher fee would come with better service. Saw that Kamila and she has a great body, good face but service level could have been better.
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    Review: Sea Blue Spa - Juliet

    Whats a CP girl? I am willing to pay more for better looks + service.
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    BodyWorks Wellness BWW Pics

    I would like in por favor! Gracias!