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    Latina sex worker killed in Soho Hotel

    Too and. She was cute. I wonder if anyone from the board has seen her. She was at the hotel 3 days a month.
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    Where are the Ebonies?

    Try a sugar baby site. Lots of ebonies there and they will do ppm. I've had much success
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    Review: Wildcat Cheryl

    240 for a HH? Wow! That's steep
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    SB sites

    AL050 is correct I've had much success on SB. Hooked up 4 times last month. But I've been on the site a while and it takes time and correct screening of profiles. The site can get expensive too if you dont screen correctly. SB charges credits for messages. But once you figure out a strategy...
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    Catskills NY

    I went by Tao Spa a few months ago. A little too much traffic so I went to a place further up the road on the left behind the computer store. It was low key and very good
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    Dating stripper or provider

    Ive only dated a few Indy's no strippers or spa workers.
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    Review: Mary- Bronx Indy.

    I guess she did do a 180. I texted her today to see if she's adding HJ and got this response. She also offers foot worship she said. Still high $ for a HJ "Hi i have two options , relaxing massage full body 100h +transport and the other type The service consists of relaxing massage full body ...
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    Review: Mary- Bronx Indy.

    I agree. Plus I doubt she did an almost 180 from when I saw her. She was adamant about no extras and freaked out when my hand accidentally brushed against her. I wouldn't wast time with her.
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    Review: Play Misty for Me--(Not)

    Sounds good. Is it an AMP or are there ebony providers there as well?
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    Review: Play Misty for Me--(Not)

    Please share the better options. Thanks
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    Any info on this gal ?

    She has changed and the service isn't as good. Seems checked out
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    Review: Sensual Massage & Footjob with Ana

    Most reviews are the same. No nude or even topless
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    Review: Back to Misty

    Really? That's odd. Did you try and get slapped down? If that's the case then I agree. Definitely not worth the .180 then
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    Review: Back to Misty

    Steep? Not for an Ebony provider. Some are 2.5 and mechanical. Do some homework
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    Review: Back to Misty

    Title: Review: Back to Misty Date: Sep 14, 2023 Phone: 347-232-6393 City: Mt Vernon State: NY Location: Back of Salon House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 1.2 & .6 tip Nationality: Black Age Estimate: 36 Physical Description: Cute face. Decent body with B cups. Private Details: I posted a...
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    Review: Asina Spa

    Title: Review: Asina Spa Date: Sep 1, 2023 Phone: 347-399-7211 City: Halfmoon State: NY Location: Rte9-Exit 9 off the Northway House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .45 for half .40 tip Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 40 Physical Description: Milf type.not a bad face and body of. C cup...
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    Review: Trista Indy

    Was that an hour rate?
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    anyone tried-bronx

    Get a SB from the Bronx. Slightly safer
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    anyone tried-bronx

    I work in the Bronx. Its a total risk now and not worth it. I would only go to the Pelham area. I went there recently for one who turned out to be legit. Not a bad area during the day. Other then that the Bronx has gone down the toilet. I used to have a provider in Fordham area. It was safe up...