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    Review: CA Bambi

    No. I'm still waiting for you to send me the entry fee
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    Review: CA Bambi
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    Review: CA Bambi

    1) LKS Mia has a great body overall IMO. Her booty is nice and firm. 2) SPM Yuffie if you don't mind them a little bit thicker. Her booty has a bit of jiggle to it.
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    Review: CA Bambi

    Title: Review: CA Bambi Date: Jan 11, 2024 Phone: 4087978536 City: San Jose State: CA Location: Golden Triangle House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $280 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: mid to late 20's, maybe early 30's Physical Description: around 5'3" tall, nice MM C-cups, nice booty...
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    Review: LKS Tia (looks like she is now BGC Milla)

    Title: Review: LKS Tia (looks like she is now BGC Milla) Date: Dec 1, 2023 Phone: 6697581117 City: San Jose State: CA Location: Golden Triangle House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $280 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: mid to late 30's Physical Description: Around 5'1" tall, brown hair...
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    Review: Seoul Playmates Sandra

    Title: Review: Seoul Playmates Sandra Date: Aug 27, 2023 Phone: 5103469740 City: Sunnyvale State: CA Location: Her Apartment House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $280 per hour Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: mid 30s Physical Description: around 5'3", light skin, resembles pics with normal...
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    Any good Deep throat talent?

    I've seen both. Can't go wrong either way. Essie has a tighter body, with big A or small B-cups, and is not as aggressive as Yuffie. If you do decide to see Essie, don't go in expecting the girl in the pictures. For me, her service more than made up for my initial disappointment in her looks...
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    Even if it is really her, I regret seeing her. I would put her close to 50, if not older, although she does have a nice body. As Darkwing said, her face looks a little weird due to plastic surgery, and she pretty much doesn't want to do anything after the first pop. She seemed very jaded with...
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    Review: VF Emilia

    The OP joined and contributed a review. What's wrong with that? You joined almost a year ago, haven't posted anything, and decided to come out of the woodworks to make this your first post. LOL
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    Help me pick my next girl

    I would recommend BGC Essie. Her tits are on the smaller size so if your handle is accurate, that should be to your liking. One drawback is that she is not the greatest in terms of looks, but her service mostly made up for it and will not prevent me from repeating.
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    Review: Sunny - LSC

    Title: Review: Sunny - LSC Date: May 13, 2022 Phone: 4082158268 City: Sunnyvale State: CA Location: IYKYK Age Estimate: 30+? Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Petite spinner Private Details: Was feeling the itch and decided to try someone new. Based on positive reviews, I...
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    Review: Lucy - LoveKSweetie

    Title: Review: Lucy - LoveKSweetie Date: Oct 3, 2021 Phone: 4087859100 City: South Bay State: CA Location: Her apartment Age Estimate: 20 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Slender, all natural, cute Private Details: Was fortunate to get an appointment with Lucy on her first day...
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    BGC Jennie Gone?

    Loveksweetie | AMP Reviews
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    Nice. I was worried that she suddenly quit because she disappeared from the BGC website. As you said, looks like she may be going indy.
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    do you have a link?
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    Review: GS - Yuffie

    Title: Review: GS - Yuffie Date: Jul 30, 2021 Phone: (408) 883-2338 City: Milpitas/San Jose State: CA Location: Milpitas/ NE San Jose Age Estimate: late 30's/early 40's Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Short and thick; big eyes Private Details: The PO is very good and provided...