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  1. wamulover

    Review: Asian Mina Gfe

    Title: Review: Asian Mina Gfe Date: Dec 10, 2021 Phone: n/a City: Englewood State: NJ Location: Rt. 4 area Age Estimate: 30 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Slim, toned, enhanced Private Details: Sorry I'm a it late on this. Decided to treat myself to a little birthday gift in...
  2. wamulover

    Review: Fast House passaic

    Lol at this fucking review. cAnT lEt ThE mExIcAnS nEaR mY mAsErAtI What a douche bag.
  3. wamulover

    Review: Fawn the Asian

    no number. You should email her at There is a screening process now and I believe it's fairly in depth.
  4. wamulover

    Review: Fawn the Asian

    Title: Review: Fawn the Asian Date: Mar 19, 2021 Phone: N/A City: Secaucus State: NJ Location: Meadowlands Age Estimate: 25 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Thicker for an Asian girl. All natural. Private Details: My last review on Fawn was so-so because of the lube in v...
  5. wamulover

    Review: Isabel in Montclair with mixup

    I think the story should be told, but likely via post, not review.
  6. wamulover

    Review: Michelle- North NJ

    Take it easy, TripRider. I often use the winking smiley face emoticon. My 13 year old just thinks it's lovely.
  7. wamulover

    Review: Chanel Collins MBV 2.0

    Title: Review: Chanel Collins MBV 2.0 Date: Feb 8, 2021 Phone: 6466654031 City: Lyndhurst State: NJ - New Jersey Location: Meadowlands Age Estimate: 25 Nationality: Latina Physical Description: Athletic, well done implants, pretty Private Details: This was my 3rd time seeing Chanel, 2nd...
  8. wamulover

    The It girl

    lol this is 100% legit. There's not gonna be any funny business here.
  9. wamulover

    Review: Sandy

    So there's no he?
  10. wamulover

    Review: Kacey - MBV

    Title: Review: Kacey - MBV Date: Nov 15, 2020 Phone: 6466654031 City: Hasbrouck Heights State: NJ Location: Rt. 17ish Age Estimate: 25 Nationality: Black Physical Description: Thin, bolt ons, pretty Private Details: My bad on this review. It's a couple of weeks old and I haven't gotten around to...
  11. wamulover

    Review: April - MBV

    Title: Review: April - MBV Date: Oct 14, 2020 Phone: 6466654031 City: Secaucus State: nj Location: Shopping Center in Meadowlands Area Age Estimate: 25 Nationality: Caucasian Physical Description: Super toned, pretty, perky A's Private Details: I met April for a session last month. Got...
  12. wamulover

    Review: Candy Sweetheart

    Wait. What? You said, "Saw her on Monday... " and the rest followed. Did you see her or did you lie to play reverse psychology? I don't really give a fuck, but I thought we are trying to accomplish something on boards like these? You know, honesty with our reviews?
  13. wamulover

    Review: Reagan Stone MBV

    Title: Review: Reagan Stone MBV Date: Jun 26, 2020 Phone: 646.665.4031 City: Meadowlands State: NJ Location: Just off a major highway Age Estimate: 25 Nationality: Caucasian Physical Description: Thin, tight, perky B's - dancer's body Private Details: Met Reagan for an hour appointment...
  14. wamulover

    Seeing a pornstar

    Anyone ever seen Kennedy Leigh. Does she provide? Something about that girl a couple of years ago used to get me pretty crazy.
  15. wamulover

    Review: Candy Sweetheart

    Title: Review: Candy Sweetheart Date: May 30, 2020 Phone: 9294740767 City: Somerset State: NJ Location: Off Highway Age Estimate: 35 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Very thin and soft, decent bolt ons Private Details: I met Candy after reading some reviews on another site. The...
  16. wamulover

    AMP with FS

    Yaassssssssssssssssssssssssssss Roid advice on a fuckboard.
  17. wamulover

    “Play with my beautiful feet”

    This thread is LIT AF!!! First you got the call out of fake. Then the chick shows the FUCK UP and pretty much proves she's real. Then a bunch of dudes who pay skinny, no-titty-having, flatted ass, Chinese broads to yank their peckers wanna come out talking about how they wouldn't pay to rub...
  18. wamulover

    Review: Rena - A different experience

    I got owned so hard.
  19. wamulover

    Review: Rena - A different experience

    I mean, I get seasoned pros to 'come' all the time. I just never believe them. hahah I thought this was legit all the way through. I could be wrong, really don't care. The act was good enough to boost my oh-so-fragile ego.
  20. wamulover

    Review: Rena - A different experience

    Title: Review: Rena - A different experience Date: Feb 8, 2020 Phone: xxxxxxxxxx City: Secaucus State: NJ Location: Rt. 3 Age Estimate: 30 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Pretty face, 5'3", toned, well done, proportionate implants - basically a porn star body Private Details: I've seen...