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    Review: Time2Relax - Lea

    I'm surprised any girl has scars like this nowadays from getting implants, A friend of mine got them recently and they went through the arm pit which she was told is normal today, well maybe she didn't get them done here, who knows.
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    No social

    I have a Twitter account with a fake username just to follow spas and most indy's and agencies are on there as well - it's the only reason I have it. It took 30 seconds to set up. I don't get what the issue is but ok.
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    Review: STG - Christina

    she is very large, pushing obese
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    Close to home

    depends if you care if anyone sees you or not, or if it matters. Many years ago I walked out of a local AMP that was next door to a pizza place, sure enough my girlfriends cousin was walking into the pizza place at the same time. She wasn't even local and I had no idea what she was doing in my...
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    Review: Delilah’s Kitty

    I've always been amazed how this place operates in a completely residential neighborhood. Doesn't seem like it's really much of a club anymore, more like a brothel based on some of the reviews on here. Hopefully word doesn't get out too much about this, the neighbors will go nuts trying to shut...
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    no HE @175 and those pics are incredibly "touched up" , if you search enough her real pics can be found, looks nothing like that
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    not @ $175 and $400 for nuru,
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    Review: Delilah’s Kitty

    does she have a lot of tats ?
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    I didn't look too much but she is in another country, modeling, porn, etc. And lots of ads all over the country here that have "borrowed" them as well. Great body though ! I see the temptation on that one
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    the pictures are fake, well I should say that isn't who is behind the door. Google image search is always a good way to weed through them. These pictures are all over.
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    that one rogue admin a while back would delete and ban anyone who talked about it, it's not new - you just weren't seeing it... just looking at this logically, a provider offers BB whatever to like 15 guys a day, odds aren't in your favor that something isn't going to catch up with you plus they...
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    686 Easton Ave

    isn't this the place that moved to the old JVS location ?
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    European recommendations

    most of them are
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    What is south NJ?

    lol, how ? It's Middlesex county
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    thnx, that's absolutely insane.
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    TNA Down

    yeah down
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    does anyone remember the name of the review ? I've searched by #, by town, by name, in every section but can only find this thread....
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    Review: Serenity Spa - Suzy

    Title: Review: Serenity Spa - Suzy Date: Feb 4, 2024 Phone: 732-227-1888 City: Somerset State: NJ Location: Medical building Easton Ave House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60 + 60 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 45 Physical Description: she is maybe 5 foot, average build, had her hair...