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    Review: Fun times at Soleful

    Has anybody been here in the last few months? I didn't know about this place, but the website very much gives off a "legitimate therapeutic massage only" vibe.
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    Experience vs. Beauty

    I enjoy young beautiful providers with perfect bodies, but overall I prefer someone with experience, sexual and otherwise. And at my age, as others close to my vintage have noted, almost every woman is a "younger woman" anyway.
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    Experience vs. Beauty

    Well . . . embracing the hot young babe in her tomb and turning into skeletons with her is not what I usually hope for when I walk into an AMP, but we old guys learn to take our chances where we can get 'em.
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    You give me hope. Though I have, um, a number of years on your early-50s friend.
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    Top celebrities you wish were providers

    Ah, you've reminded me of my Awkwafina crush! Totally agree, that would be such fun.
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    Music - Just a Simple Music Thread

    Otyken. Siberian indigenous group combining traditional music with a modern touch.
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    My Top Pet Peeves about AMPS.

    Around Chicago the AMPs mostly seem to be either Chinese or Korean. I've had mostly good experiences in both, but occasionally -- not recently -- have had a masseuse who clearly didn't want to be there (at least not me), the upsell for every single "extra" (oh honey, you want top down, that's...
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    A couple of weeks ago I did my first AMP visit of the new year at a recently-opened, new to me, place. 80 base rate for the hour & table shower, unchanged from what has been standard for Korean places in my area for a while, but the 160 extra that got FS for the last couple of years just got me...
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    Top celebrities you wish were providers

    Not a celebrity here, but in South Korea: Shin Eun-kyung, who among many other roles was the male lead's flirtatious and slightly batty mom in Oh My Ghost. 슈퍼 밀프 에너지 (Super MILF Energy)!
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    Top celebrities you wish were providers

    Agreed, but "even" Annabel Chong? I found her really cute and she seems like an interesting and pretty cool person in this article, though this one suggests maybe not long-term relationship material. Anyway. I'm with you on every Asian porn star, but have to mention Saya Song in particular.
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    Quiting smoking

    And of course there are even more gratifying ways to satisfy an oral fixation. Not as cheap as gum or mints, admittedly.
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    I wouldn't kick them out of the crypt.
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    Quiting smoking

    Much better addiction. Maybe not cheaper, but better for your health and happiness.
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    Go to Spa with TS and is FS

    Spa Lux in Buffalo Grove. Also MT Spa in Mount Prospect, but it has been about a year since I was there, so can't completely vouch for what they are doing these days.
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    I still read the newspaper

    I still subscribe and read the paper. Yep, in print, paper and ink and everything. Local journalism matters and we're being short-sighted if we don't support it in some way.
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    Review: Yuki - Independent

    Good to hear that she's still (or at least recently) in business. I noticed her ad last year and was intrigued, but on a recent quick search didn't find any ads more current than last fall.
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    Thinking about getting a vasectomy - your opinions ?

    I had mine done 20+ years ago once we were certain our family was large enough. Found a very experienced urologist with an excellent reputation. No problems of any kind. @briancalled, I see it's been almost 4 months since your original post. You might have made a decision by now. Updates?
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    Korean places versus Chinese places

    It's been interesting to read these responses. My experience, which is limited to the Chicago area, is that while you might get a better massage in a Chinese AMP (not always, but you might), in most ways the Korean establishments around here are superior. More extras are understood to be...
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    What Are Your Thoughts On Spa Safety And Security

    At the Korean AMPs I've visited, it's been the norm for years that you ring the bell and get buzzed in to enter the place at all, and I think there is either a camera or a peephole so they can check you out. I don't know if things will change in some of the Chinese places, where you can walk...
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    What Are Your Thoughts On Spa Safety And Security

    Just going to pause and give this one long shudder. Glad you and the masseuse both kept your wits about you.