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    Washington Heights

    Yes, please someone provide...
  2. M

    Review: Angela @ Noble Spa

    Age? How was the size of her boobs? Did she allow access to them?
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    Review: Sugar at Cream Dream

    Anyone see Amie DD at Cream Dream?
  4. M

    Review: Kali Indy GILF

    @OP, how was the BJ? Details please.....
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    Review: Big Booty Lucy Rose Bronx

    How are the tits?
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    Review: Kali the GILF

  7. M

    Review: Kali the GILF

    Does she really suck that mean of a dick? Thinking of taking the plunge
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    Review: Salacia the insatiable at RisingSun

    Did I read that review right...[removed private details content]?
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    Review: Michelle Last Tango in Paris

    Damn! I had to read that twice it was so hot
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    Review: Lena - Shangrila

    in the picts her legs look accurate?
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    Review: Rosie Sweet Rosie

  12. M

    Review: Rosie Sweet Rosie

    Title: Review: Rosie Sweet Rosie Date: Feb 3, 2024 Phone: (929) 688-9994 City: New York City State: NY Location: Midtown West House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 360 +50 Nationality: Vietnamese Age Estimate: 30 Physical Description: 4'10'' about 90lbs, MM C's, Luscious Long Black Hair, tan...
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    Review: Hara - KG

    Damn! Damn! Damn! Wow!
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    Review: XOXO Monika

    Is this the same Monika on smilingeyes website?
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    Venus Body Rub

    Anyone know if extras are on the menu? I've never been there and the talent looks amazing
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    Review: Got canceled by cherry at NYC vip

    Same thing happened to me before new years. I booked 7 days in advance
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    Review: DDY - Amber

    If its public, do u mind sharing?
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    Review: GINA - 1010

    Title: Review: GINA - 1010 Date: Dec 21, 2023 Phone: 9175585539 City: Manhattan State: New York Location: Midtown House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 400 Nationality: Japanese Age Estimate: 20-25 Physical Description: Short skinny with huge boobs and ass Private Details: So I made an...
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    Review: DDY - Amber

    Plz DM me too her insta
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    Review: Victoria h NYCSMILING

    So who compares to Victoria H these days?