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    anyone try meyo massage?

    Full body and lomi lomi are usually good signs
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    Anyone seen her? Pamela Eros

    I haven’t see her but have seen girls from her agency. They text me when next girls are in town. She’s probably legit
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    Best bolt-on breast?

    Lisa from Society Hill Nikki in Bensalem
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    Saw this on RubMD. What do you guys think?

    I wrote her it’s a scam
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    Russian Providers

    I meant rub md
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    Russian Providers

    Look at Rubratings for the girls in Conshohocken
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    Any experience with this chic?

    No, but I might give her a holler!
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    Review: Andrea Conshohocken

    You must have seen a different woman than me. I have seen 3 ladies there. 1 was similar to what you described. The other 2 very thin.
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    Review: Andrea Conshohocken

    I’ve seen 3 ladies there and none had dogs
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    Review: Andrea Conshohocken

    I wouldn’t be surprised If the same ad is used for different ladies. But this version of Andrea had a flat firm stomach. If she didn’t have such wonderful beasts and hair enough biscuit she’d be too thin. And yes 2 roses for half hour sensual massage.
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    Review: Andrea Conshohocken

    Title: Review: Andrea Conshohocken Date: Jun 1, 2022 Phone: 9292140797 City: Philadelphia State: PA Location: Conshohocken Age Estimate: 28 Nationality: Caucasian Physical Description: Emily Ratajkowski Private Details: Andrea is not the woman in the pictures. She is very beautiful and...
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    Review: Tina South Philly

    I haven’t heard from her in at least 6 months so much I pretty much gave up. Assumed she must have confused me with a bad client as we’ve always had a chill nice time. I emailed her yesterday and she responded and have an appointment booked. I guess keep trying?
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    Review: Sophia Conshy Ukrainian
  14. C

    Philly Airport

    Try her. I’ve always wanted to see her but can’t do outcall
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    Review: Lisa - society hill

    I enjoyed from her for an extra rose. Good but I think I prefer to save a rose and enjoy her spectacular Russian experience.
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    Review: Sophia Conshy Ukrainian

    Title: Review: Sophia Conshy Ukrainian Date: May 17, 2022 Phone: (929) 214-0797 City: Conshohocken State: PA Location: Conshohocken Age Estimate: 31 Nationality: Caucasian Physical Description: Gorgeous and very slender Private Details: I went to see a lady at the Conshohocken Eastern...
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    Eros and other sites

    I’ve had good luck with some of the Brazilians and other Latinas on Eros. You can get some great service for $250-400.
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    Review: Leah

    Those are real pics. They photographed her a bit BUT she didn’t need it. She’s even hotter in person. It softened her features, she has beautiful cheekbones. Her body is more toned in person.
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    Review: Leah

    I just have the email in my post. I tried to post her link but it’s off Eros now
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    Review: Leah

    Sorry forgot to mention she’s an escort from Eros