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  1. Bodyhopper

    Review: 28 Spa - Mimi gets the job done

    Consistent place.
  2. Bodyhopper

    Headed down AC

    There are numerous AMPs in & around AC you can visit, with varying menus, but the number & quality of Indy's near AC has dropped dramatically in recent years. Even the infamous "Dee" in Mays Landing has supposedly hung up her lotion dispenser. Thats been my experience. Good luck.
  3. Bodyhopper

    Wildwood nj

    Sorry about that — yes it’s Ocean Star.
  4. Bodyhopper

    Review: Healthy Tone - Cici (Xixi?)

    I like what I like and I tip well for it. It’s attitude + service - clothing. In 2024, if you’re tipping $40 for he, you’re doing more ‘damage’ to the hobby than me ;)
  5. Bodyhopper

    Wildwood nj

    Rejuva spa in Somers point is probably closest to wildwood. Two pretty spinners with nice smiles &very friendly. Limited menu but very nice place. Super clean.
  6. Bodyhopper

    Review: Nikki- Roselle Indy

    Sounds like opening scene in a Quentin Tarantino movie…
  7. Bodyhopper

    Review: 3303 Thai Spa - Atlantic City - Ci Ci

    Okay, just don’t say I didn’t warn you. For me it’s a total no go after the sun sets
  8. Bodyhopper

    Anna in EHT

    Yep. Nice woman but much bigger than pics.
  9. Bodyhopper

    Review: Bri SNJ- The Lunch Lady

    Yikes! :( Wish I could say otherwise, but it’s a very typical STG outcome…
  10. Bodyhopper

    Review: Healthy Tone - Cici (Xixi?)

    Title: Review: Healthy Tone - Cici (Xixi?) Date: Mar 22, 2024 Phone: 732-297-1323 City: Franklin Park State: Nj Location: Rt 27 House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60 +100 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 35 Physical Description: 5’ 5” quite pretty. Nice round butt & great thighs. A cup...
  11. Bodyhopper

    Review: 3303 Thai Spa - Atlantic City - Ci Ci

    A little safer than Gaza — but just a little. Don’t go after dark.
  12. Bodyhopper

    Has anybody seen Mia/ Alana —Somerset/S. Bound Brook area

    And it’s a shame because she’s not unattractive (if pics are realistic).
  13. Bodyhopper

    Review: PPC-Alice

    I’d like to go back to PPC again, but since it’s been over a year since my last visit, I’m worried Lana will banish me to the therapeutic-only queue
  14. Bodyhopper

    Closed amps you miss

    But Jenny told me “only you!” :P
  15. Bodyhopper

    Has anybody seen Mia/ Alana —Somerset/S. Bound Brook area

    She’s attractive looking for sure, but her wide-open menu at low prices always scared me off. Some of her picks are pretty wild :)
  16. Bodyhopper

    Closed amps you miss

    JK was fabulous. Both gals there had Billy Joel on constant rotation, and one time they sang a duet for me, while I then did a Frank Sinatra finish with Jenny. And btw, she operated quietly UTR during Covid. It was a nice surprise for sure. I miss them both.
  17. Bodyhopper

    Review: Sandy - indy

    Visited her once in Union & enjoyed it very much but did not like the office set up there. Bradley beach sounds better.
  18. Bodyhopper

    Review: Erica - new horizon

    Can you just drop in this place, or is an appt required? Sometimes I might just be passing by…
  19. Bodyhopper

    Where are they now thread?

    Last time I saw Jenny (during pandemic) she said Mimi went to Fort Lee and was working for her sisters spa there. But didn’t get any more details.
  20. Bodyhopper

    Review: Mara Indy Collingswood

    She have an email address?