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    Review: TashaLyne Indy Norristown

    I have to be honest there’s a part of me that hopes for something this funny to happen every time I meet an Indy. I can second OPs story. I saw Kasha when she was in Haverford living with the blond that calls herself Nika now. I gave her $150 to suck my dick and at one point she was full on...
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    PA monger here (west Chester) - which DE spot is closest to the PA border?

    Gloria is a goddess, will def be going back to see her. I’m working on a date with joy now actually. Personally my ultimate goal would be to find a place with table shower, a good massage, and BBBJ for finish. FS is cool and all but the covered stuff is not usually for me unless the girl is...
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    PA monger here (west Chester) - which DE spot is closest to the PA border?

    A man cannot live on King 7 and long drives to philly or spring city alone
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    Review: CL- Anne

    am I blind or are there only pictures of a beach scene on her profile?
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    Review: Spring Rose spa - Tina

    brb - checking to see if is available
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    Review: King 7 - Yumi (new girl maybe?)

    Title: Review: King 7 - Yumi (new girl maybe?) Date: Feb 5, 2024 Phone: 610-644-3808 City: Frazer State: PA Location: Next to truck rental place House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 50+60 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: ~50 Physical Description: Short, pretty, maybe 5’3”, bobbed black...
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    Long layover in O’Hare - any suggestions?

    anyone have any suggestions for meeting an escort or hitting an AMP near the airport? I have a 3 hour layover and would love to make the most of it.
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    Anyone ever see Marissa ?

    I’ve avoided that ad just because her one picture makes it look like she’s holding a steak over a black eye. can’t unsee it.
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    Review: Green Spa Plus - Tina

    oh shit - I didn’t realize that happened when you quote like that. Good to know
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    Review: Spa 32 - Yumi

    Definitely Fonz cool, like in a different social setting she’d be fun to hang out with, language barrier aside. Another funny thing I forgot to mention in the review was that this was the first massage I ever got that didn’t feature spa music, but instead the Nikki Minaj/Megan Thee...
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    Review: Spa 32 - Yumi

    Title: Review: Spa 32 - Yumi Date: Jan 10, 2024 Phone: 610-203-3885 City: Ardmore State: PA Location: Rittenhouse place House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $220 total Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: ~45 Physical Description: great body, nice rack, ok face and she seemed cool. Private...
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    Review: Green Spa Plus - Tina

    1) how can you confirm or deny anything about this guys experience? 2) how do you know he’s lying? Your review history is weirdly focused on GS+ and Tina, and your dm’s to me over the past few weeks have been real, real weird. What is your deal?
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    Review: Green Spa Plus - Tina

    I don’t know why you guys are piling on OP. My review of Tina is pretty much the same as his, minus the CIM but it isn’t like how the finish went was so different as to make me believe CIM with her is impossible.
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    Review: Spa32- Sunny

    I just saw Yumi and it was the worst amp experience I’ve had. I left reconsidering my entire life.
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    Review: King 7 - Lisa

    Title: Review: King 7 - Lisa Date: Jan 5, 2024 Phone: 610-644-3808 City: Frazer State: Pa Location: Next to car rental spot House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .65 + .65 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 45-55 Physical Description: 5’5”, 130lbs, way nicer looking than I remembered and...
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    Review: King 7 Spa

    big nipples - you got topless service at King 7? And then only tipped them $40? Also the house fee there is always $65, are you sure this is the right place?
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    Review: "Privaite Spa Services" - Jenkintown - Nicole

    I just read her ad - there’s a special with “manscaping” services, and the yoga massage supports “naturists”. maybe you just need to unfurl the hog from the start and see what’s what? Jenkintown is a bit of a haul for me but I would TOFTT and go for the naked offering
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    Review: Sunshine Massage - Lisa

    “you can put that away” has me laughing so hard
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    Review: New Star - Amber

    To be fair, she prob had a long day of dick
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    Decided to go to New Star tomorrow

    Master Obi Wayne is strong in the whorce