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    Be careful who you PM

    Was it a long time member with some reviews, or was it someone who posts and doesn't review?
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    Had an unbelievable experience with an unreasonable provider yesterday

    She didn't double confirm. They set up the appointment initially, and then she texted later to confirm. I see no problem with that. But her calling and being a brat was her needing to be right instead of saying "normally I require confirmation a few hours before due to no shows, etc." I know a...
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    Review: Hershey love

    I never saw her but one read of her ghetto ass ad and I got soft. Too much of this attitude in NYC.
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    Review: ExecutiveChoice

    Is that what she told you? She had work done. I saw her pre-surgery.
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    Kayla, an overweight Muslim

    That no negotiation thing was in the ad. I did not see it that way. I believed bc she's so fat that some guys think she may not be as high in demand and get a discount somehow. Didn't raise any red flags in this case.
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    Monger Input Needed

    This guy is currently the suspect of the murder of a woman who is most likely a SW. This guy would have most likely passed the "No AA" screening that some have implemented. Whenever someone brings up migrants, race, or politics you know the trolls will be emboldened to say dumb shit and then...
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    Kayla, an overweight Muslim

    Thought about providing an update: Don't think posting competitor links are allowed, but I found reviews of her on CE. She was in town a couple of months ago. Generally negative reviews. Doesn't take hijab off and due to her weight can only do one position. Search her number 9296553728 and...
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    Rose - Upscale Bodyrub

    I tend to go the GFE places (better value), but I do agree with Paris' disposition. Very friendly/girlish.
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    Rose - Upscale Bodyrub

    I had Paris before, she's a nice petite woman but I wouldn't categorize her ass as "unbelievable." Unless she got a BBL recently or something.
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    Review: Tatiana - Executive Choice (EC)

    This business has nothing to do with clinical depression and attempting suicide. Lots of people off themselves who do not do this for a living. I had Tatiana several times at EC and she was a ray of sunshine. She was really into music and told me some tidbits about her life. I wish this was...
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    Warning: New York Oriental Asian Escorts

    Ok, you got a point. That's some f'd up shit. I would save the overnights to girls when traveling overseas, but it's your dime, and they screwed you big time.
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    Car across from Hawaii Spa taking pictures of patrons

    My vote is that she's a blogger or someone with her own WhatsApp/FB group of lonely, older women who don't like this option that men have. Never been to this place, but I'm sure the women there aren't young and fresh.
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    Warning: New York Oriental Asian Escorts

    Man you're a tease. Tell us the whole story. You can't say something like this without any details, it's not even fair to that agency that cannot even defend itself.
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    Birth control

    did you take a paternity test, or do you just trust she wouldn't pawn a kid off on a nice guy with some discretionary income?
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    Review: I took my chances and went back to EC

    I haven't been to EC in the longest but based on the pics, Nat and Jade do seem the most appealing of the bunch.
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    Anyone seen this ebony?

    Page removed
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    You ever had Peaches? I'm jonesing for a Madison replacement and at least she looks the part. Looks she's had good reviews.
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    Why is Sadie messaging you when she could address these issues here? I used to go to EC regularly, especially when Julie was more involved. Customer service was top-notch. Hacks like Cierra are off the schedule, it seems like some new girls have come in. That's the story here, it's ok to tell...
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    Review: Naomi

    Are you saying the ass is enhanced? How do you know this? Is there a test you perform?
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    Review: Ava - Aphrodite

    I used to go to Uptown Girls (a long time ago (but never seen Naomi). There was some tension between one (or some) of the girls and Naomi. I have to say, after looking at the girls at Uptown, I can see why. This girl is stacked. I've stopped going to female collectives, but that ass has me drawn lol