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  1. tongsxr

    Review: Nana - serenity spa

    Diana absolutely needs to come back
  2. tongsxr

    Review: Stone - Eva/Alina four hands

    I’ve asked Eva about girl on girl and she always gave me a hard NO. Not sure about the other girls though. It’s a rare find
  3. tongsxr

    Review: Stone - Eva/Alina four hands

    If not wasn’t for the talent I’d be done with this place. I asked for a card a few time s and MMS keeps telling me they do t do that anymore. I’ve probably been a dozen times now. Wtf
  4. tongsxr


    Much obliged gents! Counting down the days!
  5. tongsxr

    Review: Bianca’s Melody

    Amber has her as a PSE provider. Anyone know if that’s a thing?
  6. tongsxr

    Review: Cindy - Roselle

    Same Cindy in Montclaire?
  7. tongsxr

    Review: Gold - Gina

    I’m convinced it a kink for her lol. And I’m dyring for her to take the trip to Greece, but she keeps shooting it down
  8. tongsxr

    Review: Gold - Into The Darkness With Seven Six Nine

    MMS texted me that’s she’s the only girl there that speaks Greek. Haven’t seen her yet
  9. tongsxr

    Review: Cindy - Stone Spa

    I wish they would give out these cards. I asked MMS my last time and she told me they don’t do that anymore. Judging by the parking lot I see why.
  10. tongsxr

    Review: Another Hawaii Walkout

    I’ve o Ive only seen Cici but I’m dying to hear this story!
  11. tongsxr

    Review: Connie @ Daisy

    Couple years ago I went there and tried to see her. Was told she was busy and saw a different woman (don’t remember her name). As I was leaving, they started talking while Connie was still in another room. She literally came outside the shop and started stroking my cock in the parking lot...
  12. tongsxr

    Review: Stone Luna

    By Greek do you mean a RJ?
  13. tongsxr

    Review: Lisa at Serenity

    Didn’t realize this site was going woke
  14. tongsxr

    Review: Lisa at Serenity

    I only make sweet, tender love to my AMPs.
  15. tongsxr

    Review: Gina-Gold (absolutely foul woman) and i love it

    Lmfaooooo this review definitely did not disappoint. May have to go see her, soon I really want to hit the chocolate starfish with her
  16. tongsxr

    Review: Non-stop BBBJ/RJ play from TS till You Tap out. Bella @ 759 Main Passaic

    Said no over text, annoying that these places stopped doing that.
  17. tongsxr

    Review: Haru - MLE

    lol what a twat. She’s never heard of the refractory period I guess.
  18. tongsxr

    Review: Bianca’s Kim

    I know I’m about to get crushed for this, but I think Amber is overrated. I saw her once, got the typical delay. Effort was minimal and she just seemed like she was rushing me. She got a great ass, but other than that… meh. If I had to pick ATF, probably Sabrina or that cute little lady with...
  19. tongsxr

    Review: Voluptuous sex maid spinner Apple at 365 Spa

    I was actually thinking the same thing.
  20. tongsxr

    Review: Non-stop BBBJ/RJ play from TS till You Tap out. Bella @ 759 Main Passaic

    Anyone know if they do cards like Gold/785?