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    Review: Anna Latina - ABS

    Can confirm amazing ass
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    Review: Annett

    She was basically Sensual Jane with a bigger ass Her service was mediocre but I still kept going back
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    Need recommendations for oldies but goodies

    Brandy/Natasha at blue kitten Haven't seen her in 3 years, but reviews show that she's going strong
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    Are NYC prices low compared to other countries?

    NYC is the most expensive hands down You can't compare outliers to average AMPs
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    Review: Blue Kitten Spa - Brandy

    If you let the lighting and makeup do its work and you don't focus too much, she can be 40 lol
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    Review: Got canceled by cherry at NYC vip

    PH had consistency It was never padded with duds like every other CMP Standard rate for decent service
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    Review: Anette Hungarian

    Critically underrated ass I'll focus more on that if Chest access is denied
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    Review: Got canceled by cherry at NYC vip

    Somehow we need Kim to start PH2 and take all the Koreans Hasn't been the same since PH closed
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    Music at AMPS

    I don't like to associate K pop with AMPs It's not something I want to think about when I'm driving lol
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    Big boobs or butt amp

    Azu/Aya for the ass There aren't any excellent busty asian providers rn
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    Alternative source?

    Appreciate the info But their verification wants way too much lol Guess I'm SOL here
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    Alternative source?

    I'm in LA for a long weekend Is there an alternative review site for this area? It's odd that there aren't 50 reviews a day in K girl central
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    Review: BGS - Tiffany - Auburndale

    She upgraded her chest recently?
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    Review: ABS Lisa

    Title: Review: ABS Lisa Date: Feb 28, 2024 Phone: 929 333 3199 City: FH State: NY Location: NYC House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 200 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 40s Physical Description: 5 2, spinner ish, past her prime Private Details: You book a session with Lisa if you're...
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    Where are the Ebonies?

    Natalie EC is a good intro Pretty vanilla but good attitude If she could up her energy more, I'd repeat often
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    Review: Hungarian - Anett

    RIP if she pulled an Eva Notty Good thing Anett has a great ass
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    Review: Anette hungarian

    I'm absolutely here for her mediocre service but banging body She scratches the Sensual Jane itch of my teen years
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    Review: Anette hungarian

    Does the bra come off? Asking because of an older review
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    Review: Hungarian - Anett

    How reduced we talking? That was the only reason I saw her