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    Review: Violet Oriental Spa: Lilly

    It all comes down to the old addage that you get what you pay for. Do you wish to pay 160, or 200 in Vineland or 220 + in Philly?
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    Review: Mekar

    OP...ever hear of a name drop? Kiki and Linda have been recommended on these boards for years. You also should have known that the fees are 60 for an hour and 45 for a half hour. If you act like you've been there before then things should go smoothly for you. The only mongers that have come...
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    Review: TGIF with Morgan

    Live and learn. Think with your big head next time and stick with an AMP that has multiple positive reviews on here. That way you won't lose out unless you just have a bad session. Much better outcome than losing 180 and still having blue balls.
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    Review: Violet Spa/Lisa

    Who is Lisa? The current lineup is Meiqi, Tina and Lucky. And no negotiation is needed here. It's a Franklin establishment unless you wish to give more for upgraded service.
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    Review: Violet Oriental Lucky

    I gave her a no based upon the non chemistry we had. It could be a resounding yes with another monger. Maybe she doesn't like her mongers seasoned and prefers young guys.
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    Review: Violet Oriental Lucky

    Yes, Lucky's pic is accurate. Verified with the location of her tats. Don't know about Tina.
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    Review: Maya Dior - Nickel and Dimed

    Lesson learned. Never combine thinking with your little head with alcohol. It could cost you five Franklins.
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    Review: Violet Oriental - Lilly

    Once again, goes to show that different mongers like different things. I was a fan of the reverse/backwards BJ.
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    Review: Violet Oriental Spa - Tina

    Do a search. When she was working their previously, Meiqi was also reviewed as Maggie. She had multiple reviews
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    Review: Violet - Mako (Her Spelling)

    The turnover here is big. Two new girls just started on Sunday and Monday and they will probably be gone within two weeks if not sooner.
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    Review: Violet Spa - Miko

    Yes. Meiqi, Tina and Lucky are the current crew. Tina just started on Sunday and Lucky on Monday. Of the three, I'd go with Tina since she doesn't have an iffy review yet. Supposedly a petite spinner
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    Review: Violet Spa - Mieqo(?)

    Exact same scenario with me. I would infer that unless all three girls are busy, she doesn't see clients. But I could be mistaken.
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    Review: Violet Spa - Mieqo(?)

    Substantially better boobies that Teri Hatcher. Not even close, and I've seen Hatcher's boobs online.
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    Review: Violet - Mako (Her Spelling)

    And just like that, she's gone.
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    Review: Violet Spa - Miko

    Tough to repeat with her since she is gone.
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    Review: Violet Spa - Mieqo(?)

    Xixi the MMS is a smoke show. And her boobs are real and spectacular.
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    Review: Oasis RT 38 Angela

    When I was there it seemed like there was a second attendant. Did you pick up this vibe or do you think it's just a 1 woman operation?
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    Review: Violet Oriental Lucky

    Title: Review: Violet Oriental Lucky Date: Apr 1, 2024 Phone: City: Williamstown State: NJ Location: Traders Lane House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60 + $ Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 30 Physical Description: 5'5" long black hair MM C's, trimmed below, but hair all around, tats on...
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    Review: Oasis RT 38 Angela

    Title: Review: Oasis RT 38 Angela Date: Mar 28, 2024 Phone: 8562987523 City: Cherry Hill State: NJ Location: Across from Outback House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 40+50 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 50 Physical Description: Typical mom bod, dark hair, full b, small c boobs, real...
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    Review: Independent - Kyla

    Guys are going to do what they're going to do. Many mongers think with their little head and will drop 120 for basic service or 200+ for full menu. Maybe they don't know that they can get the same things for 80 or 160. The purpose of this forum is to share information and educate each other...