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    Any good HE spots?

    Bala day spa Emma and Giselle. Appointments only
  2. M

    Review: Sakura Spa - May?

    Where did they moved to?
  3. M

    Any trans providers or providers who do butt stuff in the area?

    Never knew trans providers existed in Philly
  4. M

    Same address , different names

    Yes, they are the same places. Previous name was called Thai beauty.
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    Review: Bala Day Spa - Giselle

    I would pay for private access if I was.
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    Review: Bala Day Spa - Giselle

    I am a personal friend of Giselle. She does offer BDSM to her regular clients..well not so much the BD part. She used to offer it more but stopped. Given that she wears the dominatrix hat as her trademark as all the reviewers mentioned she wears hats. You just have to tell her what you like...
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    Best HE Only

    There’s 2 young girls at bala day spa
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    Review: Bala day spa -yuyu?

    Have u met Giselle? She’s just as fun as yu yu
  9. M


    I think 9vip is now 24/7 since the change of ownership. 1800 ludlow, Hollywood spa, Thai relax spa, 237, sun spa, French and rose spa are all 24/7
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    Review: Body relax - WEI WEI

    Try Giselle at bala day spa
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    Review: Body relax - WEI WEI

    Try Giselle at bala day spa. She doesn’t have the phone issue and isn’t greedy. Nice to chat with. She gives scalp massage after the finish and doesn’t short on time.
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    4 handed massage

    It is worth it. These 2 young providers at bala day spa
  13. M


    Giselle at bala day spa. She’s chinese american if that counts
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    Massage edging with heavy teasing?

    Giselle at bala day spa. Try her
  15. M

    HJ in a FS spa?

    No, good massage and HJ only but 2 young girls worth the visit.
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    HJ in a FS spa?

    Forgot to mention. Schedule appointment. They’re not always available.
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    HJ in a FS spa?

    Bala day spa have 2 young girls that speaks good English and gives good massage. Check them out
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    Snow day!

    Try bala day spa for Giselle and Emma.
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    4 handmassage

    Emma and Giselle does. Very cute speaks good English at bala day spa