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    Review: K&M - Rita

    Who the best Rita or Luna
  2. M

    Review: K&M-Koko

    Still can’t find it when I googled it
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    Review: K&M-Koko

    Can’t find there twitter
  4. M

    Review: Spa Wellness Lilli

    Funny with all these concerns yet you guys keep going there place is always busy
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    Review: East Meets West - Bebe

    Handy only available
  6. M

    Review: Spa Wellness - Ruby

    Nana does not work anymore . Only front desk
  7. M

    Review: YY with Bibi a sexy bush woman

    Smelling puss and breath . Gave me a uti back in may 2023 never went since
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    Review: Star Acupressure

    To expensive for just a handy . Lame place I won’t visit
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    Review: YY with Bibi a sexy bush woman

    Be careful she isn’t clean
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    Review: Y&Y Massage - Bibi

    Last time I saw her she smelled bad breath and smelly puss . And I got a uti from her she is dirty yuck. It was last may 2023
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    Review: Spa Wellness - Apple

    My experience with her felt rushed and not great of a bj . I prefer nana or candy or Cindy or lucky any day
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    Review: Former Good Day now Hollywood

    Wow you went there next month already
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    Review: Unlucky and Lucky @ Spa Wellness

    I go on weekends never available for me when I call or go
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    Review: Unlucky and Lucky @ Spa Wellness

    Nana never available when I go either she isn’t there or she working the door tried for months used to get her not anymore
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    Review: Unlucky and Lucky @ Spa Wellness

    Cindy was my fav , to bad she hasn’t been there in 3 weeks
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    Review: Unlucky and Lucky @ Spa Wellness

    I had Cindy , Bobo , lucky , apple , nana , lily she isn’t there anymore . I liked them all didn’t care to much for Ruby when I tried her she gave me a rush job and so did apple kinda
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    Review: Unlucky and Lucky @ Spa Wellness

    Lucky is great she acts like she likes to fuck she says same shit to me . Your very strong , I love you and you fuck Me really good etc,,,, and I think she is pretty also
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    Review: Spa wellness apple

    Title: Review: Spa wellness apple Date: Mar 9, 2024 Phone: (732) 704-8888 City: Toms River State: Nj Location: Dover road across from Wawa House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 160 total damage Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 28 don’t know Physical Description: Nice mm chest , nice butt ...
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    Review: New Aroma Seven

    Who opened the door what she look Like
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    Review: New aroma spa TR Seven

    Doesn’t sound good at 55 and fat no thanks