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    Review: Miyoshi - NYCSE

    :eek::eek: who knew? Back in NYC next week, worth a try me thinks. The other squirter will fucking kill me (drowning) and not sure I would enjoy. BTW in London and the Brazilians are red fucking hot, young, fit and lithe. Plenty of Russians & Ukrainian's but not on my wish list recently. Really...
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    Review: Kylie - DDY, the service queen

    girl loves the mirror, loves doggy (her favorite she said but :rolleyes:) but BBBJ is not my thing unless its DT. I would also sign an exclusive with Kylie, has anyone done a double with her and if so who? Just somethings that others could do better I think.
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    Review: Lisa the Generous at 10ten

    anyone get blocked from 10tenclub website? In UK so maybe that has something to do with it. Any suggestions let me know.
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    Review: Lisa the Generous at 10ten

    Just walked into the door darling............
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    Review: DDY - Kylie service queen

    she's a keeper for sure.
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    Review: Day 1. Rising Sun 8 - R8 - Salacia

    Hall of fame report!! Not for me I think, I would have to go to my supplier and get the highest dose of C or V, double bag so I didnt come too soon and hang on for dear life. Also married and clawing, punching might be a giveaway, mind you I can say I just got jumped, which would be true i guess!!
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    Review: DDY - Samantha TOFTT

    what titties wont you kiss Mr Blaze?
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    Review: Kylie

    Title: Review: Kylie Date: Apr 2, 2024 Phone: 929 925 7688 City: New York State: NY Location: Chelsea House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 360 plus tip Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 24 Physical Description: young thin body, pretty face, tiny tits A's - natural of course. Shaved, perfect...
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    Review: diana DDY shoot me

    I'd rather read this than the mind blowing ones, its really important for us to know. I've had 1 BS session down there and just got up while be blocked on DATY and got dressed. MMS was good to me, got money back and got fucked senseless by Grace. BUT MMS must know early on if a girl is working...
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    Review: Shangrila Overbooked Overworked - See ya instead of Sierra

    I would go to DDY in future, I dont go here (SL) because it is far too close to the office and this seems to happen a lot, imagine the guys that dont post,I bet the %'s are high for this to happen, too often. But wtf does the house care? they dont because we all go back, maybe people start...
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    Review: Chapter 14: “'Clever Girl'” Allyssa - Shangrila - SL

    :sick::sick::sick: Going back feeling like shit, thats the best sex ever - from what I recall, been a long time since hangover, dont miss them personally
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    Review: Anna Tang - Return of the Nympho

    Rating just on their looks is ridiculous when you have not experienced this type of professional level, its not a $1,000 on looks, its the level of service, your surroundings & ambience plus she knows what she is doing. Real pornstars & runway models dont get out of bed for $1,000. Not in my...
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    Review: Anna Tang - Return of the Nympho

    What does it matter? As stated I was born early 60’s and when I started this game it was fucking dangerous, just be thankful you young guns that you have a choice beyond your wildest dreams and I would say reasonably safe. Numbers, ratings - just continue to live the dream, one day it ends.
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    Review: Anna Tang - Return of the Nympho

    no judgement, from Perfecto I started to tread another path, but its real coinage and for me once or twice a month with another high priced fuck machine is more than enough, then just back to DDY etc. Its worth doing, regardless of what you rate her or any of them out of 10, they are different...
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    Review: Nana~NYCSE

    [removed private details content] Tell me she speaks some English?
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    Review: NYAF Lucy the nastiest by far

    fucking A! I drink a cleansing tea every night, done for 20 years plus, have pre made meals from Mr Bumstead's company which are clean and correctly proportioned, beats grabbing lunch in mid-town and if wifey is out and about. Wet wipes in top draw and ass spray, also wash teeth after I eat...
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    Review: DDY Violet

    no DFK at that price? Maybe me but isn't that a normal basic service for that price? $420 is way overpriced in my opinion, but thats just me for I just assume DFK is on - if not I would walk and talk to mms who is good at helping. For not a lot more an independent would twist you like a pretzel...
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    Review: NYAF Lucy the nastiest by far

    female promiscuity leads to bigger balls and smaller brains in men!!
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    Review: Hattie | DDY

    counts her out then :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Kylie??