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  1. assnibbling

    Review: oasis spa w/ sassa?

    What was that?
  2. assnibbling

    Hottest AA in CNJ

    Her menu is worth the money?
  3. assnibbling

    How can they do it?
  4. assnibbling

    Review: Pine Brook with Judy. One of the best FIA players

    Title: Review: Pine Brook with Judy. One of the best FIA players Date: Jan 15, 2024 Phone: 973-493-9668 City: Pine Brook House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $.5 Total Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: Late 50s Physical Description: Skinny flat back & forth. Who cares? Private Details: Back...
  5. assnibbling

    Review: 785 - Linda

    I love her. Down to earth. Just goes to the downtown when you give her instruction.
  6. assnibbling


    Seems like a place only welcoming local mongers.
  7. assnibbling

    Review: Acacia - Bebe

    Called them still closed.
  8. assnibbling

    Review: Selina 785

    Which is your first opt?
  9. assnibbling

    Review: Sera at River

    Thing is it's not just boobs. As reported a lot, the perfect pair of Milf Milk jugs.
  10. assnibbling

    Review: Kitty-785

    Great spot. There current lineup is in early to mid 30s in average and all has pretty good shape.
  11. assnibbling

    Review: 1074 Spa - Estephanie

    Nice review. Fast house or a typical LMP?
  12. assnibbling

    I’m quitting this business too

    Imagined a monger having an ascetic life. Might have a breathing difficulty.
  13. assnibbling

    I’m quitting this business too

    Me either. Just waiting the day when my seminal vesicles can't replenish nuts anymore. Will the day come? I sometimes just want to get out of this hell.
  14. assnibbling

    Review: dover provider

    Who wants to read a review in 1970s? SMH
  15. assnibbling

    Review: A Boob guy met Milf Sera having nice D breasts - River therapy

    She had no problem following my lead and direction. Iffy face. Full C or D top.
  16. assnibbling

    Review: natasha

    Ethnicity? Hungarian?
  17. assnibbling

    Review: Indy Krystal

    Thanks for your first review since 2019 but you could write more details.
  18. assnibbling

    Review: BSC - Lorena

    Yeah. BSC is a great spot. Most girls with natural butts and boobs. Worth a visit.
  19. assnibbling

    River Green?

    Tremendous session? Review with Sunny?
  20. assnibbling

    Review: River Therapy - Lisa

    On my way out, I saw Vivian having a nice D's. Anyone can share info about her?