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    Review: Trooper Massage - Jenny and Yoyo

    Title: Review: Trooper Massage - Jenny and Yoyo Date: Nov 4, 2023 Phone: 215-272-9357 City: Norristown State: PA Location: 506 S Trooper Rd (detached house) House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $70 + $80 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: Jenny ~50, Yoyo <30 Physical Description: Jenny slim...
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    Review: King 7 Spa - Candy and Lucy

    Title: Review: King 7 Spa - Candy and Lucy Date: Oct 27, 2023 Phone: 610-644-3808 City: Frazer State: PA Location: 477 Lancaster Ave #108 (strip mall) House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 65 + 70 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: Both ~45 ? Physical Description: Both average: ~5'3", fit but...
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    Review: King 7 - Yoko

    After a half-dozen visits, I concur with your observations: consistently quality therapeutic massage but uneven time management. Always with an appointment, half the time I'm postponed -- either a callback or greeted in the lobby and asked to return in five minutes. Bit of a downer, really. And...
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    Review: Massage Remedy - Koko

    Title: Review: Massage Remedy - Koko Date: Jun 2, 2023 Phone: 484-754-6908 City: King of Prussia State: PA Location: Residential neighborhood across from KoP Mall Age Estimate: 45 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: <5'6", thin, plain, average Private Details: Made appointment by...
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    Review: xoxogirlsny - Aimi

    FWIW, "jotto matte" was probably "chotto matte" which is Japanese for "just a moment" (literally "<small amount> <stop>"). That would be consistent with the situation and said person being listed by XOXOGirlsNY as a JAV actress. "Chotto" is a handy word to show you've done some language homework...
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    Review: Foxy Bodywork Spa on 38st - Ebony Candace

    @Squidman I don't want to step on @seepitsecret's toes, but since I had the pleasure of Candace's company in December: tall, slender, long limbs (a runner's physique), hair in a neat bundle of mid-back-length dreads. You'll get an approximate idea if you scroll through the African-ethnic models...
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    Review: Joanna Spa

    Re: the 30-minute wait -- I concur that their organization can be lacking (possibly a cascading delay during peak periods, or simply poor use of a booking spreadsheet?). In three of five visits over the past three months, my experience has been: prompt check-in, then they discover that my...
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    Review: Daoxi held it DOWN - DDS Health Spa-Asian Massage Parlor

    (Checks Google Street View.) It's a rowhouse, certainly: one unit in a span of five at the street corner. The official site (am I discouraged from posting URLs? not hard to find given "DDS Health Spa" and the ph# above) shows a waiting room, one treatment room, and blue-painted corridor, so if...
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    Review: A Comedy of Errors with Comedienne Gigi at Bubblesgirls

    Most of the print is written in the hiragana syllabary (the curvy glyphs). There are a few katakana intermixed (the angular glyphs in the ninth column from the left), which seem to be the untranslatable gasps "yoyoyooh, saa… hicha hicha" etc. Katakana are used for (among other things) sound...
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    Review: Healing Stone - Summer

    I happened to try Healing Stone in early March during the Philly auto show; as a walk-in I got Summer, and I concur that she had a wonderfully friendly demeanor: small talk, compliments, hugging, helped with my coat upon departure. She was proactive about repeat business, and seemed disappointed...
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    Review: Thai Relax Spa - Angel

    To clarify my final recommendation: This is a conditional yes. Confirm an appointment, and confirm what you're getting with the provider. I agree. Now that I've experimented a bit, I realize that what I'm actually seeking is the style of Canadian body rub parlors, which fall between the, ahem...
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    Review: Body Relax - Nina

    I plead accent and ambiguous consonant. When I asked, what she said might have been Lina or Mina or Nina. In my reviews, I already mark cup-size and age as uncertain, so I'll add that disclaimer to the name. It's not like anybody wears nametags (or, as at Thai agogo bars, numbers) -- although...
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    Review: Thai Relax Spa

    I also noticed the gap in review coverage, which is why I took a chance -- three days later than you, as it happens. Were your two visits 30- or 60-minute? As I write in my review of Angel, I experienced confusion on that point, and I don't know if the price I negotiated was "reduced time" even...
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    Review: Body Relax - Nina

    Thank you for verifying that. I like to think I'm not barking up the wrong tree, but the book-learning ultimately has to be tested against real people. In this particular situation, my intent was "if you're trying to puzzle-out the provider's origin, here's a keyword that signals China." In a...
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    Review: Thai Relax Spa - Angel

    Title: Review: Thai Relax Spa - Angel Date: Dec 13, 2021 Phone: 215-600-7806 City: Philadelphia State: PA Location: Chinatown Age Estimate: 30(?) Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: ~5'0", B(?), taut bod, shoulder-length black hair Private Details: After two reservation-attempt...
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    Review: Body Relax - Nina

    @Wayne1250, @capedude: Not an ad, no; I'm just a detail-oriented nerd who checks this board intermittently. If there's information *I* want when making a selection, I assume *other* people will find it useful, especially if it's quantifiable but not on the vendor's site (e.g., the full price...
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    Review: Body Relax - Nina

    Title: Review: Body Relax - Nina Date: Dec 11, 2021 Phone: 215-391-9510 City: Philadelphia State: PA Location: 1122 South Street, first floor (third block east of Broad Street) Age Estimate: 40? Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: ~5'3", zaftig, black hair Private Details...
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    Review: Review: Silver Star Spa - Kimberly

    Title: Review: Review: Silver Star Spa - Kimberly Date: Sep 27, 2021 Phone: 212-921-8858 City: New York City State: New York Location: Manhattan Midtown, 6 W 48th St BF Age Estimate: 40-plus(?) Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Slim, ~5'3", B-plus(?), neck-length straight...
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    Review: Solle Spa - Annie

    I also visited Annie in late July (randomly assigned on my first visit to Solle Spa) and I concur, she has a great personality: flirty, good command of English, will engage in small talk ("have you visited this attraction...?"). Additional: her weekly shift is Tuesday to Saturday, off Sunday and...
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    Review: Review: New Sky Spa - Candy

    Upon reading more reviews, I see several ways in which "the damage" is expressed, and my choice might be ambiguous. I used "HF in dollars, tip as multiple thereof." Same as I could say "I had a steak dinner for $50 and left a 0.15x tip" (conventionally expressed "15%").