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    Review: CJ Therapy - Linda

    It’s not the massage per’se. it’s her experience she brings to the session. She is older probably 60’s and petite. But you just feel good with her. But she claims retired now. You would probably have to give her a ridiculous amount to get her now, I wouldn’t do that.
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    Review: CJ Therapy - Linda

    Talked to ShaSha she said Kay is back but she doesn’t know how long. Yoko, Kay and Bebe about the best I have come across outside of Philly.
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    Review: CJ Therapy - Amy

    No, idea they have a moving network all over the country. MMS might know. But that Yoko was stunning, I wasted half my time trying to figure out why she was in this industry. She was that pretty.
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    Review: HT Rainbow - “Seven” Again!

    Can you go in a back door there?
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    Review: CJ Therapy - Amy

    Actually it was Fall of 20, by the time I even found out about this site she was long gone. They never stay long at CJ only two that do come back from time to time is Kay and BeBe. And I review any place I go to to recommend or warn……..SMH
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    Review: CJ Therapy - Amy

    I wish she was the Yoko that was here a couple years ago. Easily one the Top 5 prettiest providers I have ever seen.
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    Review: Best Asian - Anna

    Been there twice, provider told me she was Anna only for her to slip up and say she was Lisa The third time. I don’t like that. Just be honest and we can be good for a long time.
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    Review: Disappointed again at CJ’s

    ShaSha was always on point long ago, but now she is adamant on this retired crap. A lot of turn around here, I don’t think they like MMS too much. One of the best providers I have ever seen was here, her name was Yoko and she was stunning. I like Bebe and Kay but they have been gone for a while...
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    Review: New Oriental Spa- Annie

    Went there Thursday night, Annie was cute, service was pretty good. Would recommend but she is leaving this week. Prefer CJ next door but Sha Sha the MMS has become annoying. MMS here is okay but can be a little extra at times. I’m looking for a place that provides good service at a good price...
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    Review: Joy

    260+50+50 is 360 that’s 400 to me. What are you missing?
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    Review: Joy

    I always hear great things about this provider, just that’s too costly for me. But you all enjoy.
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    Review: CJ Therapy Center - Tina

    You know if she has been there before? That name sounds familiar. I wish Yoko would come back. Sha Sha seems to run a lot of providers away.
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    Review: Joy

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    Review: JJ Massage Therapy

    Was just there, left quickly disappointed. Last time I was there was a couple years ago very pretty provider. Great service. Nothing I wanted was providEd. Really wasted my time.
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    Milf/Mature providers?

    Recently saw Anna at Best Asian Massage on Capital Trail, she is older, not bad looking, service was good. I probably won’t return though. Other places I like better.
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    Review: New Oriental Spa - Annie

    Like this place, not crazy about the back door being open, MMS can be a piece of work. Loved CJ‘s for years but ShaSha is getting so greedy and keeps an attitude, I have been going elsewhere.
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    Review: Source of Health - Candy

    Well, I just went there last week and it was a complete waste of time with Candy. So the review seems on point to me.
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    Review: Source of Health Spa

    I don’t beat around the bush, I went this weekend and it was a waste of time. Candy was the provider, I left within 5 minute. She was so paranoid it made me scared. Went to another place, All was perfect.
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    Review: Oriental Bodyworks-Bait and Switch!

    Been to many places, but by far the best looking Asian woman I ever seen was at OB. She answered the door in a full garter lingerie outfit with stilettos. Don‘t remember her name at all, area was shady but she was stunning.
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    Review: Panda Asian Massage Spa

    Real waste of time here, nice enough lady. Just offers pretty nothing.