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    Service question?

    From my own observation and what the bitches tell me, business is usually slow from the holidays to tax time. Today being April 15 means that things will start picking up.
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    Cupertino health spa 、hummingbird Nina

    Looks like she wants to stay UTR.
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    Review: Curious this new shop Serenity Orient Spa

    Hell man. Just go back and check it out. Looks like that shop has been around but may have recently changed management. Doubtful she’s Korean. More likely Chinese influenced by Korean cosmetics culture. But if she is and the place is Korean then it might be a nice change.
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    Who Makes The First Move?

    You’ll also know when they bump up against you as you’re faced down. Legits masseuses are trained to use only hands. Any other body to body contact is a no no. Get a pussy bump up against your elbow a few times and you’ll know it’s game on.
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    Service question?

    Hey man. Don’t give them any ideas. They read posts here. LOL!!!
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    Review: Dublin Life heath center

    Smells like a fake review.
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    Review: Holiday Spa

    Jennifer will do FS once she's "comforatable" with you. BTW, did you provide the cover or was it provided in-house?
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    Is It A Turnoff When..

    What competition are you referring to? With FS being $160-200 and house fees $50-70, you're pretty much paying K-AAMP rates.
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    Why are they still working

    Good question. Owns 3 houses mortgage free. Drives around in new Range Rover and Mercedes. Maybe not enough to retire.
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    Why are they still working

    Just asking an open ended question and hoping someone might provide new insight. As for those other professions. I have a pretty good idea about why some of them do what they do. Just not sure about some of these women.
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    Is It A Turnoff When..

    Yeah. Me too. LOL!!!
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    Is It A Turnoff When..

    As I see it. Do whatever you want. It’s your time and money. And why would you ask a bunch of faceless strangers where you should put your dick?
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    Why are they still working

    Something I’ve noticed. Many of these women end up being shop owner’s themselves and yet continue to work. I know 5 who are also owners and yet continue to provide service. A few of them have become wealthy enough to retire. I’m friendly with one and she’s a lot more wealthy than most people I...
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    Review: UNEE Spa - Tina

    Yeah something about banging a woman who has already peaked and going downhill that can be appealing. Kinda like a banana being the tastiest right before it rots. Tina’s the owner and I’m always curious what drives them to continue to work.
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    Is It A Turnoff When..

    You so strong. Getting texts “honey I miss you.”
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    Is It A Turnoff When..

    Dude. You’re asking for 5-star service at McDonald’s. You get what you pay for. I’ll add to your list. What about touching their skin and feeling the recently dried sweat on their backs, the faint scent of cologne from they guy they fucked before you or the smell of mouth wash to remove the...
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    Freaks @ PC

    I need to find a better hobby. LOL!!
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    Freaks @ PC

    Anyone want to try a HJ from these cuties?
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    Review: Bobo at Sunset Beach

    Yoyo is pretty young Summer is MILF.