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    Review: CHUN SPA MIA

    Some of us enjoy both!
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    Review: Asian Palace LV

    That's fairly easily remedied. The review was from 21 months ago, so she's probably moved on by now. Besides which, her name is one of the 5 most common names found at AMPs.
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    Review: Oriental Elite Claire

    I find it sad, actually. The girl needs help, and she's probably not going to find it working at a spa.
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    Review: Lucky Star

    Title: Review: Lucky Star Date: Mar 26, 2024 Phone: (223) 667-7666 City: Carlisle State: PA Location: strip mall across S. Spring Garden from Giant House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 70/hr Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 40 Physical Description: really thin, attractive face, A's up top...
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    Spas raided

    I don't know if this has already been discussed, but I found it interesting, and at times amusing, reading...
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    New spa

    Certainly cheap enough!
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    Review: Osaka Spa- Leah

    Am I correct that you left out a "not" in the 4th line of Private Details?!
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    Review: Shuntingtsng-Lucky

    Maybe we need a favorite candy forum. Just joking, but I do really enjoy the goodies on the way out at some shops! Been known to quietly pocket a few in-room Hershey Kisses, too.
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    Dragon Hand Massage in Mechanicsburg

    Very nice looking owner, but I agree, there's no hint of anything more than TM.
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    Green Spa or Stress Away

    5 years, first post.
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    Review: TashaLyne Indy Norristown

    You've lowered the bar on "bad session' so far that I'll never again think any of my sessions are bad. Thanks for sharing the riveting awful details!
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    Lucky Star Open?

    Does anyone know what happened to cause the boarding up and closure?
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    Review: Relaxa- Mia

    What is "si, e"?
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    Review: Review: Angela at Aqua Spa

    How much value can you put in a review that was the only post the OP ever made, and he has not been back to this website since he posted the review?!
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    Review: New Gren Spa

    I want to believe you, but at a minimum, you're not a native speaker. You write like someone who learned English late in life. Where are you from?
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    Review: Stephanie Hollywood Spa

    Good review, but judging from the "No" Recommendation, I'm assuming the last sentence in Private Details has a typo.
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    Review: Stressaway Coco

    Nikki was an ATF of mine. Wonderful in every way.
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    Review: Zhen Zhen

    Title: Review: Zhen Zhen Date: Feb 25, 2024 Phone: see private details City: Carlisle State: PA Location: next to laundromat, north of Taco Bell House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 70 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 40 Physical Description: attractive face, laughs easily, black hair...
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    Review: Smile

    James Joyce meets Huck Finn?
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    Review: Lin Lin - Wendy

    I think that's what happened in this case. I was so surprised Wendy would give away a scheduled appointment that I contacted her to see what happened. She says she had tried to contact Rudy to confirm he was coming but got no response, and that Rudy got there a few minutes later than the...