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    Review: Shuxintang - Amy

    Title: Review: Shuxintang - Amy Date: Mar 29, 2024 Phone: 2156607688 City: Allentown State: PENNSYLVANIA Location: East side House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60 & 140 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 40 Physical Description: Soccer mom - ish. Thicker with a belly. Soft skin. Saggy top...
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    Review: Indy - Skyler

    Title: Review: Indy - Skyler Date: Feb 19, 2024 Phone: 4842012027 City: Allentown State: PENNSYLVANIA Location: In & Out House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 150 & up Nationality: Caucasian Age Estimate: 45 Physical Description: Nice body. Enhancements up top. She is older is it’s not...
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    Review: Sasy, the sweet candy treat Connie

    Do you know how long she’ll be around? I’m hoping to catch her before it’s too late
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    STG - sexy and seductive

    Ahh… fair enough
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    Review: Flow Spa - Rose

    Title: Review: Flow Spa - Rose Date: Nov 28, 2023 Phone: (610) 841-6899 City: Fogelsville State: PENNSYLVANIA Location: Strip mall 100&tilghman House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 70 + 60 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 45 Physical Description: Short, some pounds, stayed clothed so don’t...
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    Review: Sasy don’t know name

    Title: Review: Sasy don’t know name Date: Oct 24, 2023 Phone: (484) 892-6335 City: Allentown State: PA Location: 13th and summer House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 70 80 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 35-40 Physical Description: 5’5” absolutely perfect body Private Details: I called...