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    Review: New Cozy - Kiaya

    Title: Review: New Cozy - Kiaya Date: May 21, 2023 Phone: 201 608-3886 City: Ramsey Age Estimate: 57 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Short hair, petite Private Details: I think her name is Kiaya or Kiana. She offered HJ and I spent 1.8 totally. ,8 house fee and 1.0 for HJ. Well...
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    Review: T2R

    Shower available?
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    Review: Review: Yuna at Good Day Spa

    Still working. Saw her yesterday and the same experience except head game proceed without prerequisite.
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    Review: Nicole's D's boobs swung like a pendulum - Good day

    Right. Maybe a surgeon grafted her fat not silicon.
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    Review: SPA ONE - Hannah

    Title: Review: SPA ONE - Hannah Date: Apr 18, 2023 Phone: (908) 537-4455 State: NJ Location: Hampton Age Estimate: 45 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Average looks, Cute face, Magic hands for a good massage and mouth for cat bath. Private Details: This was my 3rd or 4th visit...
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    Gold spa

    No Gold in CNJ. Seems like good for NNJ forum.
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    Review: Hillcrest Heaven

    I think I remember that MMS. She gave me decent massage a few times. I only care my provider's teeth and fresh breath so never checked MMS' teeth but I might on my next visit.
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    Review: Q spa - Yoko

    Title: Review: Q spa - Yoko Date: Mar 15, 2023 Phone: (609) 892-2912 Location: Atlactic ave Age Estimate: Mid 30 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: C top, clean shaved, cute face Private Details: A nice FS spot where gives a decent body massage too. I think I met Yoko weeks ago and...
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    Text Aps

    I'm a single so don't need to worry about gals. But I need to double check for the history on my main phone account.
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    Review: Nicole's D's boobs swung like a pendulum - Good day

    I second it. In a crazy doggy, these pendulums are very helpful to keep my balance.
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    Review: Susen Spa - Coco

    Dead fish is not my thing.
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    Prostate Massage

    If I'm not wrong I met her at an apartment in Mid East. She was in her 60's then and says she was in Medical field in her country. Emphasized her professionalism. .She seemed like enjoying what she did and wanting to build some rapports up. Not my type though.
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    Review: Candy a small eye candy @ Spa 1

    IMHO, not like Lucy, Candy didn't want to low her bar. Hana said new girl will be here in 2-3days.
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    Review: Candy a small eye candy @ Spa 1

    Kilt? I can play highland bagpipe from you grab a door knob till you walk up the stairs. Slàinte Mhath!
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    Review: Ocean Spa - old woman

    Sometimes Chinese women are mean. How can I say that? I been seen not a few providers said my lady wasn't available but actually it wasn't true. They just try to steal customers and if fails they just let you go out because you might can tell to your lady what just happened at the door. One of...
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    Review: Y&Lverona

    Very informative. How was their massage skills?
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    Been there a couple of times. Their words were too good to be true and also seem so promising. Hit or miss the same rule as AMPs.
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    Review: CW Spa - fair lawn

    That's not good. Most of spas I asked for 2 pops gave a discount on house fee.