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    Review: Dez - also known as "Magic Mouth"

    I’ve been scammed with doing pre pay. Never again
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    Any go to Latina providers in SNJ

    I got the same thing from another numbers. Just ignore it.
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    Just oral

    I’m not looking for FS just want to eat pussy. Anyone else just want to do that?
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    Hey threatening phone call and text

    Same thing they told me. Not worried. Thanks
  5. B

    Hey threatening phone call and text

    I figured as much. Thanks
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    Hey threatening phone call and text

    Have any of you guys ever reach out to one of these ladies and suddenly you get a threatening text and then a phone call telling you they want money
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    Review: Tai Chi Health Center - Julie

    Love this place
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    Review: Aria

    Where did you see her ad? Can you send it ?
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    Review: Red Apple Spa

    Who the hell gives a $20 tip? It’s not like tipping a bartender
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    Review: Veronica Hunter

    I was kicked off this sight for a bit. Everything was lost when I came back
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    Review: Veronica Hunter

    I don’t seecc bc anything all you guys are talking about. Veronica has never used gloves or cellophane to do my massage. I always shower thoroughly before going to any massage, she has never asked me to clean any of my body parts. Yes she might talk a lot but I think it’s entertaining...
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    Review: Veronica Hunter

    She is quirky but aren’t we all. I think she is entertaining.
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    Anyone know this hot Indy?

    I’ve had many try to scam me. They ask for money and not show
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    Photos and video

    Do any places or ladies ever let you take pictures or video of the activity? I would hope so but probably not.
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    Review: Stress relief- Mia

    Never had a bad session in this place
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    American Women

    Pat is now in Orlando Florida
  17. B

    American Women

    Pat was the best bbbj I’ve had
  18. B

    Best PM player not Dr.Pet.

    Pat is in Orlando
  19. B

    Julia @ Dr Stan in Cherry Hill

    Oh thanks