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    Favorite Foreign Countries

    Intriguing. What are the things that made you enjoy it the most? (E.g. service, cost, vibe, safety, etc....)
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    Review: KG Aria k-girl goes full ABC: Always Be Closing

    It's a training regimen, not a training regime, I think.
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    Review: Sara - NYAF - still amazing w/ intriguing refinements

    Title: Review: Sara - NYAF - still amazing w/ intriguing refinements Date: Jun 25, 2023 Phone: 929-992-8866 City: New York State: NY Location: Midtown near Bryant Park House Fee and Tip (if applicable) 330 (One hour all in) Age Estimate: Still looks like she's 28 Nationality: Chinese...
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    Review: May - GGS

    Always a bummer when the hot water fails but it sounds like a good time anyways. Thanks
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    Review: Cici @ PBS

    Thank you for your review! She's back on the schedule so I was able to see her yesterday! I agree she's really sweet and great eyes. Thanks again.
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    Review: Stacy at Pure Bliss Spa

    Title: Review: Stacy at Pure Bliss Spa Date: Mar 23, 2021 Phone: (585) 468-8888 City: Flushing State: New York Location: 37th Avenue Age Estimate: 30s (see private detail comments) Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Almost a spinner. Athletic cute and sexy body. Private...
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    Review: NYAW: Cora-and-Apple ;-)

    That would be awesome. Guessing it's a long shot but....a worthy long shot!
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    Review: Blue Swan - Bibi (PSA)

    Thank you for the PSA :coffee:
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    Review: Sweey Cherry | NYAW

    Tomorrow !!! :love::coffee:
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    Non-US Retirement Options

    That's a good point. There's Canada too, but then again it's pretty similar so the US so not really a "destination" like Thailand or Panama.....
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    Review: Lisa at Pretty Girl Spa

    Lisa was a favorite of mind when she worked in Manhattan....
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    Review: TATSEXY ~*~ BIN

    Very repeat-worthy gal :-) (y)
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    Review: AD Flora - An exotic dream

    Height 5 feet 2 or 5 feet 3 if I recall? Pics on site real and accurate......but.... ....yeah that too :-(. But on the bright side, she is still available from tomorrow in Flushing, Queens, according to recent posts.
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    One last go

    I'd probably go with Flora too.
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    Review: EBS new spot

    Thank you for posting the review. Even though I can't read everything you probably wrote, I learned from what is here!
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    Review: Juliette - Great looking Girl and Overall Nice time!!

    Super solid and super useful review to my eyes. Thank you.
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    You too? I thought it was the only one lol ;)
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    Who is best at NYAW?

    I gotta chime in her to say that Cherry is also very good here. Tried her recently and she was much better than I expected, a must repeat session. I posted a review if you want more info on her, but I would definitely put Cherry up there with the other candidates for best choice at NYAW.