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  1. Odyssey

    Review: OE - Mimi

    Great review, number40, and I wish you nothing but happiness with whatever comes your way.
  2. Odyssey

    Review: New Ocean Body Work - Tina

    When I went a few years ago, there were two attendants, one youngerish and one noticably older. Tina isn't young, and maybe my guess of 55 is a little low, but I don't think she's senior citizen territory. She wore her mask for about 90% of the visit, so perhaps I'm wrong. Top notch service...
  3. Odyssey

    Review: New Ocean Body Work - Tina

    Title: Review: New Ocean Body Work - Tina Date: Mar 22, 2024 Phone: 570-677-6116 City: Scranton State: PA Location: Near the intersection of Main and Throop House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .5 + .6 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 55 Physical Description: 5'2" or so, long hair, aged...
  4. Odyssey

    Drop off in Reviews

    For what it's worth, I'll most likely be visiting and then reviewing a place other than the big two sometime this weekend. I just have to see where time and work schedule take me.
  5. Odyssey

    Review: Apple Spa-Gina

    Say what now?
  6. Odyssey

    New spa opening

    I went to Chun Spa in Allentown a decent number of times before they added more steps just to get in the door. Had a very enthusiastic 20-something use my body like a jungle gym there once. It took over as my #1 Lehigh Valley place after Aries shut down.
  7. Odyssey

    New spa opening

    Always good to see a new spa opening. Years ago, I used to go to one that was a few blocks away, in a small strip mall next to the Chinese take out place.
  8. Odyssey

    Review: Indy Laura

    To each his own, but I have no problem with an ass like that on a frame like hers.
  9. Odyssey

    Review: Indy Laura

    If those pictures are accurate, outside the shading, I might have to look her up. That chest is amazing.
  10. Odyssey

    How often do you do it with your wife?

    Early 50s; from a few times a month to a couple of times a week, depending on her health and mood.
  11. Odyssey

    Review: Asia Day Spa - Tina

    Yeah, parking is a pain. Either take your chances of getting blocked in in their little car port, or park on that hill and make sure you set your parking brake. I always get good massages here, at least, and get along well with the staff.
  12. Odyssey

    Review: Oriental Elite - So Fine Sophia

    This was my first time with her. The only tattoo I noticed was on her (I think) right breast. Regulars can answer more accurately.
  13. Odyssey

    Review: Oriental Elite - So Fine Sophia

    Title: Review: Oriental Elite - So Fine Sophia Date: Nov 26, 2023 Phone: (570) 453-7735 City: Wilkes Barre State: PA Location: Strip mall near Wegman's House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .7 + 1.4 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 40s Physical Description: Short, thin, cute, decent looking...
  14. Odyssey

    Funny & Strange Things Providers Have Done.

    That's the most likely reason, but getting much less money from a BD couldn't be worth the trade off of not having to bang a dozen dudes a day, unless she was desperate to get out of the game and thought something was better than nothing. Plus, I'm pretty sure she was in her 50s. Not impossible...
  15. Odyssey

    Funny & Strange Things Providers Have Done.

    Well, this is more strange than funny. Several years ago, I had a provider that kept talking about wanting to have a baby. For three visits in a row, she brought it up. She never said directly she wanted me, or technically anyone, to knock her up, but I think she was heavily implying it. I can...
  16. Odyssey

    Uh oh, fuck... Need advice....

    I'm thinking "recently shorn snatch" as opposed to "five o'clock shadow."
  17. Odyssey

    How not to get caught

    Every spa I go to, I look for a nearby location I can make a plausible excuse for being at to explain why I am in the area. A fast food place or other takeout place, a second hand shop, a convenience store. There's one that is tough to explain and, sadly, close to home, so I only go there after...
  18. Odyssey

    Review: Sasy - Cuckoo for Coco

    We should all take a moment and pour out 40oz of massage oil for our dear, departed Aries.
  19. Odyssey

    Red string lights

    I don't know which spa this is, but I'm hoping this is the reason why the lights are there.