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    Every time this topic comes up, I miss the legendary Sugar/Mai even more.
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    Viet coffee white guys?

    Looks like. I stopped by yesterday and saw a few contractors going in and out. Certainly no hot girls.
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    I never had a girlfriend

    You're still relatively young. You still have time to get that sweet prison time that they're thirsty for.
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    Viet coffee white guys?

    I've never had a problem at any of the Viet Cafe's. The trick is to go fairly regularly and tip steadily. But don't expect much more than eye candy and the occasional grope until then. In DV's case, it's a huge value compared to Pink Poodle.
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    I never had a girlfriend

    Heh...And she's looking for a 6'2" 8 to 10 who makes $500,000+ a year.
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    Any top tier Santa Rosa amp recs?

    I was there early last year. Had a great time.
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    Any top tier Santa Rosa amp recs?

    I would add VIP to the list.
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    Latinas in Santa Rosa?

    Moonflower in Santa Rosa is also a good spot. They have a particularly hot Colombian in rotation.
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    Decoder ring for a newbie?

    "My momma says that AMPs are like a box of chocolates - ya never know what you're going to get." Which is what I like most about storefront AMPs.
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    Review: JunoHera

    One hint: Look for "RBGFE" in a PD profile. It's a good sign.
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    Review: Amy at Oriental Bodywork

    Title: Review: Amy at Oriental Bodywork Date: Jun 21, 2023 Phone: 508-473-0709 City: Hopedale State: MA Location: Evergreen Ln. Age Estimate: 50 - 60+ Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Older, all-natural GILF with a chubby tummy and well-shaped B's. Private Details: After a...
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    Thai Massage w/o the Ladyboy Experience

    I'm in the Boston area for the week and would like to get a Thai massage. I've had them legit, and really enjoy the added flexibility I have later. However, I'm not looking to explore anything with ladyboys. Does anyone have any suggestions for real female Thai massage?
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    Boston Primer on AMP Scene

    And Brookline has a couple of decent AMPs on Beacon. I'm heading out on business soon, and I'll definitely be making a stop.
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    Ever Do The Mamasan?

    Sadly, my ATF MMS retired. She was like a cholo's car: amazing rims.
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    Favorite cities to hobby in?

    San Jose, CA used to be amazing before the city cracked down, but it looks like the South Bay is slowly coming back.
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    Best Viet Cafe

    Sadly, I've only been there once, so I can't make any other recommendations. I plan on changing that as soon as possible, though.
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    Best Viet Cafe

    i have to disagree on the lapdances. Monica has some serious moves and I had zero complaints.
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    Review: San Jose parlor info dump

    His goals are pretty revealing. Maybe he's on the spectrum?
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    "Jewish friendly" provider

    Wow...Really trying to resist making any kosher DATY jokes...
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    Review: Dirty and worth it

    Is this a storefront, or AAMP? If it's an AAMP, how does screening work? Damages?