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    Review: June - Pink Spa

    I do at Sun
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    Review: June - Pink Spa

    Title: Review: June - Pink Spa Date: Mar 30, 2022 Phone: Same City: PHil State: PA Location: CTown Age Estimate: 50+ Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Nice body, and nice implants Private Details: Having read so many great reviews about June I decided I needed to have the...
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    Hollywood spa on Quince

    I haven't seen a recent review of this place, but it looks like it's open. Has anyone been there lately? It wasn't much before hand, but Sunny had nice tits.
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    XXX services: Has anyone tried this before?

    It's always a give away when a smoking hot woman is in the pics and the price is "$200 for all night"
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    I know, kind of weird, but always been a fantasy. I wander if there is anyone around that offers a wresting session like you see in the pornos? "Evolved fights" "defeated sex fight."
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    Review: Healing Stone - Summer

    I like Summer a lot. She's very cute and sexy. And allowed a lot of roaming.
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    Review: Osaka - Angela (not May)

    I've never had that happen at Osaka. Too bad, t'was a nice place, but besides May it seems like it falls off a cliff.
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    Review: Sun spa choi

    My experience with choi last week was OK, but nothing special. I've been seeing some great reviews and I'm wondering if I saw the same person. Short, ok face, very quiet.
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    Review: Lisa - healing hands

    Title: Review: Lisa - healing hands Date: Mar 9, 2022 Phone: 215) 732-1800 City: Philadelphia State: PA Location: 16th and South Age Estimate: 40 + Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Thin, attractive Private Details: I've seen her a few times. She's pretty, especially now that...
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    Review: New spa — no name? - Yuki

    I went to this place a couple of months ago. I think I asked for Yuki, but nothing but a massage. I didn't push for anything more. There was another girl there with a sexy smile that looked like she would do more. I know Diane from Spa Casual. She's fun. Let me do some roaming after a few...
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    Spa Casual Sansom

    Does anyone else provide extras? Or is it just massage?
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    Review: Sun Spa - Choi

    Title: Review: Sun Spa - Choi Date: Mar 17, 2022 Phone: same as always City: Philadelphia State: PA Location: Race Age Estimate: 35 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Short, a little plump but not too much. Nice rack Private Details: I hadn't heard much about her, and we need...
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    Spa Casual Sansom

    What's going on at Spa Casual on Sansom Street? I think Diane is gone. Any other fun going on?
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    What to ask?

    Try the place on South between 16-17th. The one closer to 17th. Decent massage and RT
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    South philly tina

    About 2-3 months ago
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    Best Asses in Philly?

    Lisa - Society Hill
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    Review: Sun spa choi

    I wonder if she's new. Yoko is going to be gone for a while and we'll need a sub.