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    Ascended muse

    Surrogate partner therapy sounds fun.
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    FYI EPM Cream

    Aaaaaand now Alice is Cream and Cream is gone. The world is healing.
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    FYI EPM Cream

    Site updated with an “Alice” with pictures from a “Cream” I found last night when also doing some due diligence. Cream still there but now they’ve pixelated her face. Definitely some dark arts going on over there!
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    Ly Brown

    Yeah pretty sure I know the answer to this one but anyone know if this provider is actually a provider and not just a character created for the socials? She claims to be in Chinatown. Thanks so much.
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    Yeah, seems he joined yesterday to promote his product still in alpha. Needs work.
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    Hi all. . I find no intel on Seattle here and even slim pickings on indy sites like Slixa and Tryst. Is it a dead city for SW or is LE particularly active? Something else going on? Maybe everyone is just super satisfied there and not looking? Thanks!
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    Where is Tori from PH

    This is great news.
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    Where is Tori from PH

    Also curious if she’s moved on permanently. She seemed to take regular breaks when Kim was at PH but this is a long one. Glad I saw her right before she left.
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    Review: Nicole @ AL

    Title: Review: Nicole @ AL Date: Sep 3, 2021 Phone: @phnyc1 City: Manhattan, NYC State: NY Location: Times Square Age Estimate: 30-35 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Slightly taller than mini (5’3”?), great natural curves Private Details: First visit to AL. Thanks, Kim! Not...
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    Review: ORMCH Stephanie

    Title: Review: ORMCH Stephanie Date: Aug 15, 2021 Phone: 917-208-8721 City: Manhattan, NYC State: NY Location: Kips Bay Age Estimate: 24 Physical Description: Very tall and slender. Maybe 5’8”. Real modest boobs. Bs? Gorgeous face. Private Details: Had a quick spontaneous opportunity to...
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    Review: Sunny - PE

    FWIW, i got the same story… a few months ago. But definitely worth repeating. Good time and conversation with her.
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    Has anyone seen Olivia? . She is Vegas-based but touring NYC next week. Would love to know any insights. . Cheers.
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    Redheads Just found Poppy on Tryst. I have not checked for reviews on here yet.
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    Review: Grand Spa - Kelly

    Title: Review: Grand Spa - Kelly Date: Jun 7, 2021 Phone: (312) 877-5566 City: Chicago State: Illinois Location: @ N Noble St Age Estimate: 30s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: 5’4” - 5’6”, Big Knobs, Cheerful Eyes Private Details: A business trip! A flight! For the first time...
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    Voluptuous Asians??

    I do enjoy Kim Lee (DJ, recently from Bling Empire on Netflix). Def not slim but not cartoonish curves either. .
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    Review: Amie - WSD

    Just texted with them and they said downtown is permanently closed.
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    Voluptuous Asians??

    i also really don’t get it. I like some meaningful curves but I do not share the affinity for the ass thing that happened over the last five-ten years.
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    Actually I’ve been considering this recently. I’ve noted that prices may be or already have gone up for standard service. Was .4 now .6?
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    Review: Julia Eros

    I don’t know from Julia but it sounds like the thicc reviews are coming post-Covid and the curvy ones from before. Seems reasonable that her body type may have been... accentuated a little in lock down. :)
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    I know this is a shot in the dark lol

    If I’m in a new environment, I search for “massage” on Google maps, then start googling the phone numbers in incognito made and hope rubmaps (or this place) comes up in one of the top few listings.